Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Is here...and the makeup follows

By Melanie

I love makeup! Growing up I would spend countless hours painting my barbie doll's faces with makeup. In second grade I got in trouble for wearing hot pink lip gloss to school. Later in life I even contemplated becoming a make up artist (although I'm glad I took a different career path).

So I'm very excited for the fall makeup trends. Although I am partial to brown eye shadows and light pink/nude glossy lips, I try to mix it up a little for each season. I'm going to try incorporate at least a few of the trends this fall.

Fall Trends 2010:

Lined Eyes at the Gucci show.

Love it - for an evening out.

Smokey eye at the Zac Posen show.

Love it! Always a fan of the smokey eye.

Neutral Pink Eyeshadow at the Carolina Herrera show.

Love it! Very pretty. Especially paired with pale lip gloss.

Bright red glossy lips at the Donna Karen show.

Hate it....on me. Love it...on others. I think red is cool. My sister looks good in red.

Spider lashes at the Marc Jacobs show.

Hate it. Love it for a dramatic play but in person it just looks like you don't know how to apply makeup.

So, what do you think? Are you loving or hating the fall makeup trends?

photo source: www.allure.com


  1. I love them all except for the last one.

  2. I'm not very into wearing your lipstick as an eye shadow (It makes people look kind of tires) but I do adore smokey eyes. I must say that in make up I'm a bit conventional but I've been trying to add more edge with midnight blue eye liner and things like that! what do you think?

  3. Not liking any of those trends (on me) - the worst is the pink eyeshadow... I think it looks great on blue or green eyes but on my brown ones, it just looks like I have "pink eye" lol :)


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