Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Men Are From Mars.....

photo via runway daily

Awhile back I was reading one of ...loveMaegan's blog posts (I'm sure you are all familiar with her AMAZING, unique, stylish, fashionista blog) and she was stating how she would just LOVE an outfit but sometimes her husband would NOT. That made me laugh because a.) her outfit was soooo cute and b.) my boyfriend sometimes says that!
Perfect Example:
Soprano dress from Loehmans

This is a dress that I LOVE. My bf said he didn't really like it. What??? Sometimes I think men do not understand fashion. But he's stylish too so I didn't quite understand how he didn't just love this outfit as much as I did! Well, he said it didn't show my figure and he didn't understand the tie dye part of it (uh, ombre, silly, it's soo in).

BCBG dress photo via alkemie guide

Gyspy 05 dress via the smart stylist

What do you think? Do some men just don't understand fashion for women? Or is my loose ombre dress just not that cute?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Picnics are so Summer

Central Park, NY photo via missginsu

I love picnics and I am really ready for one! It may be at the beach, unless I find a nice park to go to. I haven't found a good one in Huntington Beach yet. I'd love to go to that's pretty and quiet. I love Central Park in NYC. That would be so cool to have a park like that here!

photo by Bordon via flickr

What a relaxing way to spend the afternoon don't you think?

Picnic Gear

photo via Kaboodle

I'm loving the colored shorts trend! Ooh and what a cool little zipper on the side.

The perfect picnic shoe. Actually the perfect shoe for the summer. I LOVE flip flops and living at the beach it's a staple in my wardrobe. Haviannas are the best brand. They're comfortable, well made and come in lots of fun colors as well as the basics. I like the slim style featured above.
Now I'm ready for a picnic. And right in time for the 4th of July!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Vintage MJ

photo via WCBS FM

Being a kid of the 80's I MUST give tribute to MJ. I know he had a questionable life and many speculated disturbing behaviors BUT I have to say that he definately was a talented artist and was the perfect music for my dance contests at many fun slumber parties!
photo via kaboodle

Remembering Vintage MJ:

photo pins via wolfgangs vault

I used to wear a photo pin on my jean jacket (the yellow vest was my favorite) in my grade school days.

I remember for Christmas asking "Santa" to bring me the MJ tape....instead "Santa" brought me the Jackson 5. I was so not into it (that was 70's not 80's), I wanted Thriller! But my Mom tried :)

I remember singing "Billie Jean knocking at my door" into my hair brush... only to find out later when I was older that the words were "Billie Jean is not my lover."

Video juanpfluck via You Tube
MJ, you had some awesome moves (not to mention some cool fashion) and your early days left some great memories! Do you have some good MJ stories?
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister!

It was my sister's birthday recently, June 10th to be exact. Happy birthday!

Heather's birthday last year

Last year's birthday at a restaurant. The waiter made Heather put on a napkin hat! She was a good sport.

Heather's birthday this year

Balloons and Delicious cupcakes from Susie Cakes

I always have so much fun putting together the wrapping. I started with the Hello Kitty lollipop and came up with the pink and black theme. She loved her presents. Yay!

Birthday brunch with friends

Birthday brunch at Rose Cafe in Venice CA. Rose Cafe has the BEST brunch. We had mimosas, cafe lattes and yummy food!

A little stroll on Main Street and at the beach in Santa Monica
Heather with her pretty birthday flowers

Watching the kites flying at the beach

Birthdays are the best! Happy Birthday, Sissy!

Don't forget to enter the VS ruffle bikini cover up contest in the last post below!

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Pay It Forward" Giveaway!

As you know, a little while back I was lucky enough to win a GIVEAWAY from Gabby, she wrote, here ( I won a Sephora gift certificate which I'll blog about my purchases soon) AND although I didn't win the contest over at Gals in the know, she gifted me a present for being her first "non" friend follower way back when. What a sweetheart! If you haven't checked out her blog...you MUST...it's fabulous!

What she gifted to me: Stila shadow and blush compact

She wrapped it with fashion magazine paper and this pretty stone. I took off the paper before I had my camera out so I just placed the stone around the makeup compact for the photo above. What a neat idea she had. So fun to unwrap!

Isn't the eye shadow pretty? There are two shimmer nude colors and a brown shadow along with a pink blush. I love it! (Btw, don't mind the paint on my hand, I was painting the kitchen earlier that day and couldn't get all the paint off!)

Thank you Gals in the know for giving me this super cute Stila makeup. I absolutely LOVE Stila products so this was such a TREAT!

Since I've been so LUCKY, I want to PAY IT FORWARD!
The Underfunded Heiress 1st Giveaway: Whoo hoo!

I recently blogged about cute bikini cover ups here. One of my favorites was the Victoria Secret ruffle cover up dress. I bought it recently but because I think it's SO lovely, I'm going to give it away! (But maybe I'll have to buy another one, so whoever wins may have to be matching twins with me).

It's a size small but I think it runs big. It seems like more of a medium to me. I love the ruffle top and it's really soft and light (to see the details of the dress click here).

Don't you love it?! Don't you want it?!

In order to participate in the contest you MUST be in my click (aka a follower).
AND to enter the contest:
1. Comment on this blog post telling me where you would like to wear this cute little number.
2. Additonal entry given by mentioning my contest on your blog (and please let me know just in case I accidentally miss it).
4. Additonal entry given by following my twitter (ufheiress).
3. Additonal entry given for linking my blog (please let me know if you do so).

Rules: Must be18 yrs or old and live in the US or Canada (sorry, it's just too expensive to ship Internationally, unless you know of a way that it's not please let me know).

Easy right?

In 2 weeks (July 6), I'll announce the winner!

Good luck!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Booty Boot Camp

photo via ballywick

Summer is here and so is bikini season (and I just bought the cutest bikini). This means it time to take my workout program up a notch!
So I have to admit, I'm not the type of girl that can throw on a big t-shirt and dig up some faded sweats for the gym. I like to look cute and wear stylish workout gear. But let me preface that statement by letting you know that I don't get all dolled up just for the gym. If it's an AM workout, I apply just a little mascara, concealer and lip gloss. If it's after work, I just leave on my makeup from the day. I'm not trying to impress anyone , I do it for me. What can I say, it just makes me feel good.

My favorite workout pants are the yoga fold over stretch pants from Victoria Secret. They are very stylish, a good price and most importantly they make you booty look great!

photo via Victoria Secret

I swear by these amazing workout pants. I think I must own every color by now. What's unique about these pants is that they come in different lengths. I'm tall so I always have problems with pants being too short so I absolutely love this!

Victoria's Secret strawberry and black, halter tee and sports bra

Although they are "yoga" pants and great for this excercise, they're perfect for the gym, a run at the beach or what ever work out you do.

Aqua blue and navy Victoria's Secret yoga foldover pants and tank top from Zara

My typical workout schedule consists of the following:
1. yoga 1-2x a week at Yoga Works
2. cardio 3x week at the gym at 24 Hour Fitness (elliptical, treadmill or kick boxing class - I like to mix it up)
3. run on the boardwalk by the beach once a week for 3 miles (sometimes when I'm feeling lazy it's part of my 3x cardio)
4. 1x weights at the gym
5. floor exercise whenever I have extra energy after cardio - crunches, squats, etc.
And I always try to stay active with hiking, taking my beach cruiser out for a bike ride or just going for a walk.
I'm flexible with my routines but I always feel my best when I stick to this schedule OR workout even more (on my ambitious days). It helps me stay in shape, makes me feel good physically and mentally (great for stress and a positive outlook on life).
photo by iamjlwarner via flickr
I've been working out since I was 15 so I can't imagine a life without a good sweat!

What's your "stay fit" workout? Any favorite workout gear that you just love?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Love Birds

photo via jessi.bryan via flickr

I really want to take some engagement photos for our "Save the Date" invitations and just to have for memories. I wasn't sure if my honey would be into it. I thought maybe he would think it was too sappy, but good news, he thinks its a great idea!

New Year's Eve 2008

There are so many amazing engagement photos out there. Below are a few I thought are just adorable from Green Wedding Shoes blog.

Above photos by Cheyenne Schultz photography via green wedding shoes

Isn't the couple above THE coolest couple ever!? They are so stylish. Very creative photos.

Above photos by Max Wanger via green wedding shoes

I love the beach setting and the Lollipop! How fun!

photo by Simple Bloom Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

I love balloons in engagement photos. Aren't these photos so cute?!

Stay tuned for my search for the perfect dress to wear for the photo shoot.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Like Barbie

photo via styleist

Although I know that many say that Barbie is a bad role model for girls and her measurements are ridiculously abnormal BUT I can't help but love her!

I was watching one of my favorite shows on Wednesday night, Dinner Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine, and he had to cater a cocktail party for Barbie's 50th birthday party at her Malibu beach house. This was a big challenge because in addition to the usually stresses, he had to make all the food super tiny! Of course he did awesome!

The party was amazing! Beautiful home and pink Barbie cuteness everywhere: I was in heaven!

photo by colin cowie via stylelist
The house was styled by the well known Jonathan Adler.
I want a party here and decorated by him!

photo by colin cowe via stylelist

Inside the Malibu home. It's a bit busy (and pink) but I still love it.

photo by cherry pixel pac via flickr
Photo opp!
And they had Barbie's VW fushia pink Bug at the party. So cute!
photo by dseang via flickr
I've been wanting to buy a VW Bug for awhile now and not just because Barbie has one ;) I just think it would be so fun! But don't worry, I don't want pink. I like the cream one with the tan top.
photo via dealerrevs.com
I have a Honda CRV right now and it's almost paid off (who hoo!) so I will wait a few more years before I buy Barbie's car!
Oh what a fabulous life Barbie leads ;p
Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cover Me Up

Blake Lively photo via zimbio

In the hopes the June Gloom will pass soon and we can put on our bikinis and head to the beach. Here are a few "I have to have it" bikini cover ups. These cover up dresses are just perfect to toss over your bikini for the beach, the pool, a bbq or just riding your beach cruiser on the boardwalk.

Shoshanna dress via Shop Bop

Shoshana dress via Shop Bop
I love how parts of this dress are shear. It looks so light and airy.
So feminine and pretty.

via victoria secret

I love this one. This one could even be worn as a "real" dress, maybe with a cute brown braided belt.

I think this one is my favorite. So pretty!
Side note: It's my sister's birthday today! Happy Birthday! Can't wait to celebrate!
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