Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Like Barbie

photo via styleist

Although I know that many say that Barbie is a bad role model for girls and her measurements are ridiculously abnormal BUT I can't help but love her!

I was watching one of my favorite shows on Wednesday night, Dinner Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine, and he had to cater a cocktail party for Barbie's 50th birthday party at her Malibu beach house. This was a big challenge because in addition to the usually stresses, he had to make all the food super tiny! Of course he did awesome!

The party was amazing! Beautiful home and pink Barbie cuteness everywhere: I was in heaven!

photo by colin cowie via stylelist
The house was styled by the well known Jonathan Adler.
I want a party here and decorated by him!

photo by colin cowe via stylelist

Inside the Malibu home. It's a bit busy (and pink) but I still love it.

photo by cherry pixel pac via flickr
Photo opp!
And they had Barbie's VW fushia pink Bug at the party. So cute!
photo by dseang via flickr
I've been wanting to buy a VW Bug for awhile now and not just because Barbie has one ;) I just think it would be so fun! But don't worry, I don't want pink. I like the cream one with the tan top.
photo via
I have a Honda CRV right now and it's almost paid off (who hoo!) so I will wait a few more years before I buy Barbie's car!
Oh what a fabulous life Barbie leads ;p
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Wow, that's quite impressive! I went to a Barbie exhibition earlier this year and a special Barbie collaboration that was held in a store... it was pretty amazing as well. But it was more geared towards life-sized Barbies, i.e. you could purchase anything from life-sized Barbie outfits to her blonde weave. Lovely blog by the way :)

  2. gorgeous! It's a pink explosion...and of course, we likey :-)

  3. I want Barbie's VW just as it is. Green is my favourite color but I think it was the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie that was so bad from forever ago... there was a pink VW convertible and I saw it and said "ME!!!" And I have wanted one ever since. Although right now I am lusting for a nice, pearly blue Yaris hatchback, I would not turn down the pink Bug. : )

  4. I would have loved to be at that party! Barbies are awesome.

  5. That party would have been so much fun! I'd love to own the pink Barbie beetle. I just think I'd feel bad for my HB if he was in the passenger seat. he would surely be made fun of. haha

  6. Heaven!! I absolutely adore this post darling! xxx

  7. omg gorgeous! Did you see the HUGE ASS Christian Louboutin closet? All pink heels, I died.

    We need to get on the list for next year. hahaaha! XOXOX

  8. I freaked out when I first heard that JA was decorating turned out soooo amazing!

  9. I don't think anyone can really dislike Barbie! Great pictures!

    I have several friends with Bugs and they looooove them!

  10. i totally saw robert's show too! i wanted to be there :( haha..everything looked awesome!

  11. These photos are all so fab...don't worry, we wouldn't judge you if you did decide to get the pink bug!!!

  12. I love Barbie! I don't think I could ever grow out of her...I could quite easily get all my old ones down from the loft and play with them now! ♥

  13. RE: your comment :)

    I've had a lot of complaints lately about my blog and explorer. I suggest you download Firefox. There's a little button on my sidebar but you can just search for it. It's so much better than explorer in many ways. I'm on a mac and I use Safari and Firefox because they both have different pros and cons so I use them accordingly. But Firefox rocks.

  14. That party looked so amazing. I had no idea all the food was tiny. That's so funny.

    Th VW is sweet, but I've been lusting for the pink corvette since 91.

  15. I've wanted a baby blue bug forever. The hubs continues to veto it. Although, he did just buy me a Murano mommymobile so I guess I shouldn't be complaining. Ah ha.

  16. Oh this is to cute :D

    Thank-you for visiting my blog. to your question, I live in an area which hasn't been over-developped yet (they are trying) so we have lots of wooded land, I am lucky to have woods right in my back yard. The photos were taken on the Eastern Shore of Virginia (my backyard). Luckily there is a bridge to the city (Virginia Beach) 1 mile away :)))))

    have a wonderful Sunday and week

  17. I love Barbie! :) And that pool area looks amazing! When I win the lottery I want that!

    I'm following your blog. Please check mine out if you can:



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