Monday, August 31, 2009

Brow Magic

By Melanie

I love a good eyebrow. As a former Aesthetician, I've seen the good, the bad and the UGLY!

A properly shaped brow can do wonders for the appearance. A good brow can make you look younger, prettier and make your eye's stand out. Think of the brows as a frame for your face. A bad brow, well....just does nothing for you.

How to get the perfect brow:

Three measurements to do BEFORE waxing or tweezing. Take a pencil up to your face and line it up to your nose like the photo below.

photo via
  • #1 is where your brows begin.
  • #2 is where the arch goes.
  • #3 is where the brow ends.

This guideline will help if you're waxing your own brows or just doing touch ups with the tweezers between your brow appointments.

Other guidelines to follow:
  • Keep it natural.
  • Fill in with a brow powder and use clear mascara to keep the stray hairs in line.
  • Trim the hairs with little scissors. Don't let them get like spider legs!
  • If your getting them done by a professional and they don't look amazing, don't go back to her/him!!! Also, take a photo next time to show the aesthetician, just in case.

The Best Brows in Town:

Megan Fox via meganfoxbuzz.

Megan Fox has the absolute BEST brows.

photo via

photo via trend911.c0m

photo via

The Don't Leave Your House Brows:

Upside down Smile brows.
photo via

Sperm brows (thick in front with a skinny tail).
photo via billion dollar brows

Overly Manscaped brows.

photo via trend911.c0m

I just had a Face lift brows.

photo via million dollar brows

Friday, August 28, 2009

A little shut eye

By Melanie
photo via allure magazine

The weekend is here! Time for me to catch up on my zzzz's! I think I will sleep in on Sunday and have a relaxing day at the beach (it's supposed to be nice and warm)!

Enjoy the last weekend in August (wow time flies)!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't forget the oldest sister!

By Melanie

I was perusing the aisles at Target the other day and came across the cutest wine bottle! This wine is from a small independent company called Middle Sister Wines (I really try to stay away from the big corporate brands to show my support to the small businesses and they seem to taste better).

photo by Joey Wan's photostream via Flickr

Their designs are crisp, clean, creative yet simple! I enjoy drawing girl characters so I was immediately drawn to their packaging!

photo via Middle Sister Wines

Their whole concept is so fresh and fun!

Not only do they have stylish packaging but their brand is just so COOL. They have a fun interactive website that allows you to take a quiz to determine which character you are. After taking the quiz, I found out that I'm the Drama middle sister! I'd like to argue that but some family and friends will say it's right on!

Drama Queen

Which Middle Sister are you? Take the quiz here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The real Devil wears Prada

by Heather
I'm looking forwad to getting the inside scoop on Vogue by seeing The September Issue when it hits theaters September 11th.
Vogue's editor Anna Wintour and Sienna Miller at the premier in New York. I heard Sienna's looks get bashed during a photo shoot in the movie.

Here's some of Anna's early editor work in the 80's at New York Magazine:

Here's a clip from the movie:

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a cinch!

By Melanie

I can't believe we are just a few weeks away from fall. Sad because I LOVE summer, but at the same time exciting because of the new fashion trends. One my favorite Fall 2009 trends is the big cinch belt.

photo via zimbio

photo via ny mag

I love this look. It makes your figure look curvy and feminine.

belt by forever 21

photo via shop bop

Since it's still summer, I thought I would incorporate the fall power belt into a fun summer outfit.

Top - Express (On sale now! By one for $19.50 get the other 50% off!).

Skirt - Gap (a few seasons ago).

Shoes - Forever 21 (Last year - but this link has similar ones).

Belt- had it for years

Per Friday's blog post, I finally found a photo of the winner's dress from Project Runway. My favorite and I thought it was feminine with an edge. One of the judges advised that the bottom part of the dress should be a prettier or brighter pink. I agree but still love it!

photo via glamour magazine

Friday, August 21, 2009

Project "Must Go To A Fabulous Event" Runway

By Melanie

Heidi Klum via

Project Runway season 6 has begun!

photo via access hollywood

I have to admit, I don't really watch the show that much, just here and there, but I caught last night's episode and now I'm addicted! I LOVED the winner, Christopher Straub's black and pink dress. He definitely deserved to win (sorry to those that recorded it and haven't had a chance to watch it yet).

I searched EVERYWHERE online for a photo of it and didn't have any luck. When I do find it, I'll post it. But for now, past fashion from PR will have to do.

I love the pleated look of this dress. How creative.

I love this color and style. I actually just bought a dress somewhat similar. Can't wait to show it to you when it arrives!

This is perfect for the beginning of the fall season.

Aqua blue is my second favorite color. Almost ties with pink! This dress is so pretty.
These designs make me want to go to a glamorous and fun Hollywood event. Any invites?
All photos via
Have a stylish weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gotta Have It: Mom Jeans?!

by Heather
Marc Jacobs has perfected the triple denim threat: high-waisted, front pleats, and tapered leg. Mom jeans have made a come-back. I'm not feeling it. Are you? It's just not flattering... on anyone.
Via Marc Jacobs runway.
Jessica and Mischa - multiple offenders.
Kelly Brook.
Mischa, again.
Via Frassy blog.
Frassy again. Love her blog! She has great style despite her admiration of mom jeans.

Actual moms.
SNL famous mom jean skit. The "9 inch zipper"!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My New Favorite Artist

By Melanie

I came across this amazing water color painting from the talented Dallas Shaw on her Etsy shop. It's on my WANT, NEED, MUST HAVE list!

Isn't it just so amazing and cute? She also has other artwork along with her paintings featured on note cards, vintage wallpaper, textiles and tee shirts. Such a creative gal!

Check out her blog too, Dilly Dallas. I know you'll love it as much as I do!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Stop And Smell The Roses

By Melanie

I think a faux flower makes a hair style very romantic. I'm thinking about this style for my wedding. The below flower accessories are made by Myra Callan and found on her Etsy store Twigs and Honey. They are so beautiful. She's so talented!

photo via Twigs and Honey via Etsy

Very unique.

Photo via Twigs and Honey by Myra Callan

I think the faux flower could be worn on romantic date too!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer is NOT over...yet

By Melanie

photo via Metroplitan Home

I went shopping the other day at Forever 21 to look for some fun summer outfits and to my surprise FALL is already out in the store! I know that it is almost fall so it's completely appropriate but for So Cal girls summer lasts much longer. We need clothes available that would be perfect for the transition season here. I just can't leap from tank tops to sweaters so quickly.

My idea of a "Not Summer but not yet Fall" outfit.

photo via

Isn't it the perfect transition dress? This could be worn with sandals or boots.

Do you have an outfit you love for those not quite the next season yet?

BTW, I am actually in town, I had to postpone my Puerto Vallarta vacation. *sigh* But when I do go, I'll definately share my photos and blog about my Evening Mexico Outfit (part two of the daytime/evening Mexico attire).

Hope you enjoy the beautiful weekend!
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