Monday, August 10, 2009

Walk This Way

By Melanie

Photo by Marie Claire

This weekend was spent organizing, packing and doing laundry. Lot's of fun ;) Well, I did squeeze in a little bit of fun. But last weekend I had much more. I went hiking at my favorite spot.

This is in El Moro Canyon which is located in Newport Beach, right before entering Laguna Beach. If you haven't been, it's a must! Breathtaking views! This is the view at the top after hiking up through the canyon.

Hiking was goal # 5 on my SUMMER to do list blogged about here.
My honey on the way back down.

Taking a little break.
Hiking Essentials:

Tank Top - I love hearts. Isn't this the cutest without being too girly?

By Peace Love World

Shorts - breathable material is key (of course stylish is a given) because you work up a sweat.

By Lucy

Sweatshirt- you never know if a breeze will set in. Better to be prepared. Plus I'm usually always cold!

Fun socks - Okay I probably won't wear them up if it's hot out. But perfect for the cooler seasons.

By American Apparal

Hiking Shoes - These are perfect because they look like running shoes but are made for hiking. If you wear regular running shoes your ankles start to hurt (once or twice is okay but if you are an avid hiker, these shoes work best.

By Nike

Water Bottle - Trust me you get VERY thirsty! Eco-friendly resusable ones are the best. Sigg brand is one of my favorites. They have cool designs.

By Sigg

Hiking is one of my favorite activities AND I am NOT a sporty type girl. But since I do love nature and being active, I really enjoy it.
Do you have any favorite hiking trails?


  1. i love that tank top! so cute :o)

    btw you and your honey make an adorable couple!

  2. Hey Beauty!

    Sounds like you had an amzing time at El Moro Canyon... I really need/want/and should go there! And seriously, what a couple. Just look how gorgeous you two are together.
    Ah, adorable. xxx

  3. we like to hike in beautiful!

  4. Wow that view looks amazing!!!!!! and i love the tank with hearts on it! not too girlie xoxox

  5. I know that spot! Gorgeous!! You guys are so cute together...and I love how you added in cute socks! :)

  6. I am going camping and I'm going to take on to some of those essentials! That's hilarious.


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