Monday, April 26, 2010

Beach Shabby

By Melanie

I bought this cute nightgown at Loehmann's (best store ever) over the weekend. It's perfect for upcoming summer nights. It's girlie, a bit shabby chic and so adorable!

(Sorry for the wrinkles, it was folded in the bag all day before I took it out.)

This nightgown is a perfect match for a beach cottage. Shabby chic decor and beach cottages are my favorite!

I love how the look is so soft, airy and light. As I look at these photos, I can just smell the fresh beach air and feel the light breeze cascading through.

photo source:

My dream is to have a cute little cottage house by the beach. I'm half way there living a block from the beach but yet to obtain the cottage :( Right now it's just a little apartment. Oh, one day I hope!

Doesn't the pajama match perfectly to shabby chic decor?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Love Song

By Melanie


I'm on a fierce mission this weekend to cross off all my to do's on my wedding list. I only have a few more weeks (wow!) so I need to wrap everything up.

The wedding song list has been a tough one. Luckily my sister has great taste and has put together an awesome play list for the DJ. I still need my fiance to add songs and give his okay though. Oh btw, I've been calling him "fiance" every chance I get now since the window of opportunity to do so is closing! The last year I've been calling him boyfriend too often!


I'm walking down the aisle to Crazy Love by Van Morrison. It's so beautiful! I couldn't find a video to post but you can listen to part of it here.

Don't you love it? Do you have a favorite bride entrance song?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

By Melanie


I think that photo is just perfect for today! I'm sorry but those monster SUV trucks just drive me nuts!

Happy Earth Day to all the lovely UH readers!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bling Bling

By Melanie


What do you think? Should I wear a monogrammed bikini in Mexico after the wedding?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why spring makes me smile

By Melanie

As I walked back to the office from my lunch hour yesterday, along the pathway was a landscaper cutting the grass and digging into the dirt to plant a few trees. I could smell the just cut grass and it made me yearn for freshness that spring brings. Spring is definitely in the air and I'm so excited it's here.
Although summer is my favorite season, spring is a close second.

Some of my favorite things about Spring:
1. The pretty flowers are blooming.

2. The pastels and bright colors of fashion!


6. The fresh veges and fruit at the farmer's market.

4. It's a teaser for summer. Here in California, you even get a few beach/pool days.
I know I'm a bit spoiled in regards to weather living in Southern California but I do still appreciate the small changes in season that we have here.
What do you like about spring?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dress, Veil and More

By Melanie


With just 33 days to my wedding (oh my!), I know I will be blogging way too much about wedding things. I will try my best to keep it to a minimum so it's not a bridal overload here!

As you know I'm having a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I thought a DW would be totally stress free (I was so wrong). There is still so much to do. I could never handle planning a big bash here. Although I'm sure it would be so much fun, it would be way too time consuming.

Part of my DW planning is shopping! Love it! I purchased my veil and shoes this week.


My veil is really long which will compliment my simple lace dress.

source: A cup of jo blog

I think a long veil is so elegant and pretty.

I purchased the dress a few weeks ago but it's getting alterations right now and won't be ready for another two weeks. As soon as I have it, I'll give you a sneak peak (my fiance doesn't really read the blog so I think I'm safe).

I got my dress and veil at David's Bridal. It seems like a lot of people look down at DB's. I admit, I was a little skeptical at first...but to my surprise they have A LOT of beautiful dresses. AND that look expensive. Especially if you know how to spot the good ones. I would much rather pay 1K for my dress rather than thousands of dollars. I think my dress looks just as beautiful as a 10k Vera Wang. Poor DB they get such a bad rap.


I loved and blogged about a gorgeous dress here and mine looks almost similar.

What do you think of David's Bridal?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Suzie Homemaker

By Melanie

So I finally set up my registry for my wedding. I was reluctant at first since I'm having a destination wedding. I figured that those that are attending already have the travel expense so I don't really expect gifts and for those that can't make it, I wasn't sure if they would want to get us anything. But I guess it's etiquette to set one up in case some people would like to buy us a gift.

I registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrel. Wow, I never realized how many home appliances and accessories that are out there. While picking things out I totally felt like suzie homemaker!


I found the cutest baking/serving dishes at Crate & Barrel.


Don't you love the scalloped edges?

I wish I could set up a registry at Etsy and Big Cartel. I found the most adorable items on Red Hot Pottery via Etsy.

source: Red Hot Pottery via Etsy
Have you set up a registry before? What was your experience?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


By Melanie


I may be getting ahead of myself but I've already been perusing the internet for bikinis for the summer. I justify this becasue I live in Southern Cal where summer really begins in the middle of Spring time (well at least a few beach days) so it's a must to have plenty of suits awaiting in your dresser drawer. This season I am craving a little ruffle bikini. It would be perfect for my Mexico vacation/wedding in May too.
Can't decide on the right amount of ruffle though.
Just a little ruffle.

source: (via saks fifth avenue)
A good amount of ruffle.

source: whisty.wordpress

A lot of ruffle.

source: (via juicy couture)

Hmm...this one is cute but is it too little girlish? I think I like the second one best. I think I saw it in the Victoria's Secret catalog recently.
Do you like the ruffle bikinis?

Monday, April 5, 2010


by Heather

I adore these ABC silkscreen prints from Jeanie & Jewell. The mommy and baby duo design a line of stationary, available on their website: The Paper Nut.

As seen on Design Work Life blog.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


By Melanie

Happy Easter to all that celebrate!

So you either love or hate peeps. I love them! The sugar rush, the bright cute colors and the cute little shapes of the chick or bunny..who wouldn't love them?! Luckily this year and last I've stood strong and resisted them (trying to be healthy). But I still love seeing them in the stores :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yoga Girl

By Melanie


I have several items to cross off my "To Do" list this spring. One of them is to start practicing yoga again (last blogged about here). After a 3 month hiatus from my yoga practice I finally went back to my yoga class last night. WOW. After class my body and mind felt so great.

Since I have today off of work due to the observance of the Easter holiday, I'm going to start my spring cleaning, starting with myself. This weekend I will do a little detox (i.e. eat super healthy and drink lots of water) and go to yoga class all three days.

Anyone else feel like yoga is the best?

Hope you have a nice Easter weekend!


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