Monday, March 30, 2009

Boho Chic

photo via saks 5th avenue

(click on the photo to see a close up)
I love the bohemian style when it's not too hippie (meaning birkenstocks -ugly). I would describe the stlye that I like as Boho chic with a dash of glam. Not too much fuss but you still look "put together". It's hip, stylish and carefree. Sexy without trying to hard.

My favorite look from the photo above.

dress by millie via saks 5th avenue

platform sandals by Chie Mihara at saks 5th avenue

I love these shoes!

A new trend in the bohemian style that I've been spotting is the headband.

photo via black book magazine

photo via total beauty

Even though I dislike The Hills and everyone on it, Lauren Conrad has really stepped up her fashion sense and is looking so pretty. I'm loving her style.

The ultimate BOHO Gal

photo via dress like starz

photo via us magazine

photo via ivillage

Nichole Richie is one of my favorite bohemian gals. She's made such progress after ditching her "Paris" lifestyle.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everything has it's place

photo via Apartment Therapy

Spring is a time to organize !! You know what they say....the way your home looks is a direct reflection of how your life is. A messy home (and I think your car qualifies too) means a messy you. Oh no! I don't want that!
I have to admit there must be truth to this because I ALWAYS feel more in control of my life when these things are in order. And I ALWAYS feel a little unsettled when things are a mess. But I am definitely not a neat freak so I don't think my closet could stay this organized for too long. Something to aspire for, right?

In the spirit of spring I bought these cute daffodils at Trader Joe's yesterday. Pretty good find for $3.00.

After my organizing session I am off to enjoy the beautiful weather!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Momma Said

photo via fashion magazine

I should have listened to my Mom when she told me to SAVE SAVE SAVE. I know this is an unfortunate time with the horrible economy, mortgage crisis, job losses and so forth but if you have the dough, 2009/2010 is a great time to buy a home.
Unfortunately, I wasted my money away on shopping, shopping, shopping and I don't even know what and now my favorite home in the neighborhood is on the market. Darn!!! It's actually my second favorite home next to my first love (Barbie's dream home) seen in a blog post here.

It's a block away from me, on the corner, one block up from the beach. Soooo cute. I love the style of it and how they have decorated the outside with the white and yellow paint, all the gorgeous flowers and greenery AND a white picket fence. It keeps getting better and better.

Side view. It's ONLY 1156 sq feet. NOT that big. I guess you're paying for location, location, location.

Unfortunately for me, the asking price is $1,125,000. *tears*. Yeah, that's million. I thought home prices were dropping? I guess the beach doesn't count.

I love that bay window. This home is definitely for someone who appreciates design, craftsmanship and the beauty of flowers and greenery. This house is perfect for me!

LOVE the french doors.
Straight outside that window and down one block is the beach. They say it has an ocean view. Hmmm...maybe more like a glimpse. I stood on the corner of the sidewalk right there and could hardly see the ocean. Maybe a better view from the upstairs.

Ugh. Living in So Cal, I will never be able to afford a home, especially in a beach community, where I MUST live. If only I were an funded heiress. *sigh
Well, even if I had the funds, the price is just too high in this market. Hey, but if it ever drops to 1/4th the price (yeah right), I'll jump at the chance to put an offer in ;p

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lazy Day On The Patio

photo via country living

My perfect Sunday morning would be spent having breakfast and coffee outside on a patio with the warm sun peaking through the umbrella and the smell of pretty flowers and plants.

photo via living etc

I love this french style dinette. Oh, and of course the shimmery chandelier that's hanging is just gorgeous!

photo via living etc

Loving the green umbrella!

photo via living etc

Cute cushions!

After breakfast I would move over to the chaise lounge chair and read a book/magazine/blog.

photo via elle decor relaxing. Forget just for mornings. This would be great for an afternoon too.

photo by Matt Albiani via domino mag

This fabric is so stylish. On of my favorite looks.

photo via living etc

Love the polka dots. I could totally picture myself here!

photo via living etc

I love the white with the colored pillows. Cool lucite table. Oooh, is that a plate of strawberries? Yummy.

Unfortunately, I don't have a patio or balcony to chill on. This will be a must in the next place I live at.

photo via living etc

I would even make this little balcony work.

Anyone have a fabulous patio?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Living For The Weekend

photo via W magazine

I am off to Vegas again for a littel r&r and maybe have few "whoo hoo's" in between! I know, whoo hoo is so nerdy but so fitting, right?

I had so much fun last time in January, check out the blog post on that one here. Gosh, I've been going a lot lately, well, for me anyway. I'm normally a bit of a homebody.

Spring 2008 for a bachlorette party. First night was an all white theme.

No theme the second night.

And the year before in March with most of the same girlfriends. The theme was bright fun dresses like the Pussy Cat Dolls (I know so dorky).

That's me second to the right. I know I look confused and didn't get the "cross your legs to be sexy" memo ;)


This group of girls like to do a "theme". It's actually kind of fun.

Have a crazy weekend!
BTW, if any of the girls pictured in these photos, do NOT want to be on my blog, please let me know and I will be more than happy to take you out. Just send me an email. I figured with the way you can post anyone's photo all over Facebook, being featured on my blog is no big deal.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Advice I Ever Heard

"The Best Relationship You Can Have is the One That You Have With Yourself"

Heard Monday night on The City from Diane Von Furstenberg to Whitney after her bf dumps her.
Who know DVF could give such wise advice.
photo via LA Times Blogs

Monday, March 16, 2009

She's So Cool

My sister and I recently went to the M Ward concert at the Henry Fonda Theater in LA. Not only was M Ward excellent but the actress/singer Zooey Deschanel joined his band for a few songs as well. Zooey and M Ward are in a band together called She & Him.

video by deschanellove via youtube

Not only was her voice so amazing and beautiful, she looked so adorable in this deep violet purple ruffled dress with black tights. This venue doesn't allow cameras (how lame) and the photo from my phone looked like crap so I had to find some photos online. I really couldn't find any that showed a close up of her dress. I wish the photos captured how it looked in person. It was so pretty!

photo by Andrew Youseff via stereogum

Zooey's Party Dresses

I love the color of this dress!

How fun is the bottom of this dress!

I love black tights with a bright strappy colorful dress.

photos via

Friday, March 13, 2009

Trashy or Classy?

photo via beach bunny swimwear

Beach Bunny bikinis are all the craze in the OC. I was thinking about buying one last summer (I can be such a trend follower sometimes- one of my downfalls) but I chickened out because I was afraid that people would think I was wearing lingerie at the beach and pool. Of course they would be sexy as lingerie but as bikinis? Also, I showed my bf a photo of them and he said they were cheesy and tacky as bikinis. Hmmm....

I think it's so cute though!

2 photos above via molly browns swimwear

I love this one (maybe as lingerie though). It was on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

above photos via beach bunny swimwear

Would you wear a Beach Bunny? Are they popular in your city? Or is this one of those "OC" looks?

Sooo....what's the verdict? Trashy or Classy?

P.S. I am going to Vegas next weekend so maybe I could pull this look off there. Hahaha.

Have a sexy weekend!

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