Wednesday, March 4, 2009

who who

I came across this cute etsy shop called Ruthie Designs, which offers prints, illustrations and pillows designed by the talented artist Kimberly Ruth Collignon. In addition to her designs being creative and unique, they're eco-friendly too. I love that!

I love shopping on Etsy because not only am I collecting original pieces but I'm supporting independent artists and in some cases helping the environment all at the same time.

Her owl designs are my favorite!

I saw this one awhile back on Madebygirl's blog. It's such a cool piece. I love the hearts coming out of the skull.

Cute little pillow.

Check out her esty shop and her blog.


  1. Once again a fun and cute post! The pillow is different in a good way! Keep up the good work girl!XXX

  2. Thx for commenting ! Those drawings are so funny I love it ! xx

  3. Cool, I'll have to add her to my favs!

  4. you have found some super cute things. i think i am liking the skull one the best!

  5. oh my, i have a weakness for owls...this is too cute!

  6. yep, i love supporting the young fresh talents on etsy!

  7. I absolutely love owls now! Glad you enjoy them too. Isn't she a fabulous artist? Unique.


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