Friday, March 13, 2009

Trashy or Classy?

photo via beach bunny swimwear

Beach Bunny bikinis are all the craze in the OC. I was thinking about buying one last summer (I can be such a trend follower sometimes- one of my downfalls) but I chickened out because I was afraid that people would think I was wearing lingerie at the beach and pool. Of course they would be sexy as lingerie but as bikinis? Also, I showed my bf a photo of them and he said they were cheesy and tacky as bikinis. Hmmm....

I think it's so cute though!

2 photos above via molly browns swimwear

I love this one (maybe as lingerie though). It was on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

above photos via beach bunny swimwear

Would you wear a Beach Bunny? Are they popular in your city? Or is this one of those "OC" looks?

Sooo....what's the verdict? Trashy or Classy?

P.S. I am going to Vegas next weekend so maybe I could pull this look off there. Hahaha.

Have a sexy weekend!


  1. I think maybe a little of both but it doesn depend where you are wearing them at too! Like vegas it would work. I want to go there so bad. I am jealous. You are going to have to give me a list sometime of the things I should really check out there because this Summer I might just be going but not for sure just yet. Have a great weekend. Daisy~

  2. Yeah, anything goes in Vegas! And I am sure that you could get away with this at Venice Beach too.

    I miss Cali! I used to live in Pasadena, and moved out to Houston 5 months ago. I definitely don't see these being on any TX beaches, hehehe.

  3. I have seen these around...not my thing. They are cute, but not as bikinis. It would totally work in Vegas though!

  4. well i don't have the bod for these, but i don't think i would wear them even if i did. as lingerie, tho, they are super!

  5. I am thinking... No for the beach/ pool. I think one has to be selective w/ bikinis in general... leave just something tiny for the imagination... those just invite bedroom. An exclusive resort w/ your sweetie: sure, but not for the public. I agree however that in Vegas you would prob. not be alone 'tis "Sin City" afterall.
    I want to go on a girl-escapade w/ u someday.

  6. when I first saw them, I actually thought it was lingerie--which for lingerie, I would buy them in a hot second...for bikinis...I think it could work but I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull it off. Pretty, though! :-)

  7. I would say trashy BUT classy ! It's always great to hear from the OC through your blog, hun. And you would totally look amazing in your Vegas hotel room, for sure ;)

  8. As adorable as they are, I couldn't do it. Maybe for a low key day sun tanning, but not for a pool party or something super social. With that said, anything goes in Vegas!!

    P.S. I added the instructions to my DIY file cabinet!

  9. hmmm tough call indeed...honestly it is trashy..but at the same time, some of it is so cute! maybe as a once off purchase..i wouldn't buy more than one pair. for special occasion fun perhaps!

    good post! hope all is well :)

    xxx LM

  10. I was raised in Fullerton, so I can see all the people that hang out in trashy downtown Fullerton wear this. Some are cute, but like you said, it looks too much like lingerie!

  11. Definitely a wicked HOT combination of the two... and I tried to comment on your recent Zooey post, but it wouldn't let me. Sigh.

    Don't you just love her. xxx

  12. I was at a cutting service in LA that cuts for Beach Bunny (I'm an apparel Production Manager) and they said they are doing very well - quantities keep increasing. Which is amazing considering this economy and that they're a fairly new company. Obviously they have a niche market that loves them! I hadn't even heard of Beach Bunny and I thought it was lingerie when I saw their samples. My vote: trashy! As swim wear, it's over the top, trying too hard to be sexy.

  13. While I loooove the look, its just so hard to believe they are bikini's, I just see lingerie. While its gorgeous, and I love every single one, It looks like it can even get wet. haha I know most people dont get their bathing suits even wet anymore, but the material looks like it would be damaged or something. I think it def looks like lingerie, but I dont think its trashy, they are gorgeous. Im just not so sure about seeing them up on the beach haha. Love them though.

  14. I would not wear those in public beach or pool. Men have enough trashy thoughts about women and don't want to give them any more boost with that.


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