Monday, March 2, 2009

"You like me. You really like me"

photo via Alternative Film Guide

I would like to thank the academy....actually, I would like to thank Tanya at Captivate me for the "Chic" blog award. I feel so special! My first award. I'm so flattered! BTW, her blog is awesome. Check it out. I know you'll be a fan.

So, according to the rules, I need to pass it on. And the Chic blog award goes to.....

Zuchero Zuchero


Good girl gone blog

Who Throw's a Cupcake...Honestly

Valerie at Being Red

I love your blogs!

Speaking of the Oscars, although I didn't really watch them (only tuned in to see who won best actress/actor and film) I did check out the red carpet fashion. I loved Natalie Portman's dress. She looked so gorgeous.

photo via Tiscali

I also thought SJP looked stunning. She will always be fabulous!

photo via Tiscali

I also think Jennifer Anistan looked so pretty. Loved her dress. Eat your heart out Brad Pitt! (okay I know you have the ever beautiful Angelina, but still...)

Although Angelina's a regal beauty, I just love Jen Aniston. She's looking so pretty and I love her laid back attitude.

photo via justjared.buzznet

I love her little braid in her hair. She's just glowing!

photo via

So which couple would you want to go on a double date with? Although, I would love to stare dreamily into Brad's eyes, I would pick Team Aniston. They just look so much more fun.


  1. Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice cool blog.. Keep up the good work. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

  2. Congratulations! SJP and Natalie were my two fav's of the night. I thought that Jen looked good, but thought that her hair was just a wee bit too casual for the Oscars...I would totally want to hang out with Angelina/Brad if I could choose!!

  3. aw thank you so much!! you totally deserve that award. i love your blog and would post more comments but i always have such trouble with the comments going through & the word verification.

    *crosses fingers this goes through*

  4. yay! no word verification ;)

  5. Aniston looks perfect and her hair always looks so good! Team Aniston all the way!!!!

  6. agreed. I would stare dreamily into Brad's eyes and forget to eat my food. Dinner with Jen and John would be more fun and I would probably actually eat my food.

  7. Oh, I'm so glad I took off the word verification. Had no idea it was such a pain! Thanks for all your comments!

  8. honey congrats on your award! also love Jens hair!
    muah x

  9. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. that is a tough one. i think either set would make me feel like a TOAD! i'd be better off at the freak table with mickey rourke.

  10. I liked the anne hathaway dress best, but not on her, would have been great on a halle berry complexion or j lo, but thought the natalie portman dress to be very fresh and flowy, gorgeous color!!

  11. thank you so, so much for the award!! made my day! yep, everything is fine from the storm...turns out, it wasn't even as bad as people expected. it was more like a free day and i'm not complaining AT ALL! p.s. jen and john are way more fun than angie and brad...but i have to say, i loved angelina's dress and jewels. she really did look gorgeous.

  12. Congrats on your fab award and I love your new banner!!

    Come on by and enter the Under The Sheets what makes you smile contest.

  13. I knew those three gowns would show up eventually :-) That aesthetic eye of yours misses nada bonita. Natalie's dress; color is so truly PRETTY, SJP just has Sexy, Fun, Glam. perfected, and Kate; well she is the squeakiest of clean elegance! Angelina is so intriguing... I would love to see if her exotic beauty would blow me away "live," no doubt it would, but would love to see one of the world's finest up close, Brad is fine, but I prefer more dark and mysterious. Jen seems like fun and I love her no-fuss hair! Cali. sweet she is. Congrats. on the award!

  14. Awe, thanks for the shout out. :)
    I heard from John Mayer's personal assistant that he is a TOTAL sweetie. And on a side gossip note: Kate Beckinsale is royal biatch.
    I think I would be too intimidated by Brangenlina. Jen and John seem more down to earth.


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