Friday, March 20, 2009

Living For The Weekend

photo via W magazine

I am off to Vegas again for a littel r&r and maybe have few "whoo hoo's" in between! I know, whoo hoo is so nerdy but so fitting, right?

I had so much fun last time in January, check out the blog post on that one here. Gosh, I've been going a lot lately, well, for me anyway. I'm normally a bit of a homebody.

Spring 2008 for a bachlorette party. First night was an all white theme.

No theme the second night.

And the year before in March with most of the same girlfriends. The theme was bright fun dresses like the Pussy Cat Dolls (I know so dorky).

That's me second to the right. I know I look confused and didn't get the "cross your legs to be sexy" memo ;)


This group of girls like to do a "theme". It's actually kind of fun.

Have a crazy weekend!
BTW, if any of the girls pictured in these photos, do NOT want to be on my blog, please let me know and I will be more than happy to take you out. Just send me an email. I figured with the way you can post anyone's photo all over Facebook, being featured on my blog is no big deal.


  1. Lucky girl! Have an amazing time in vegas x

  2. I am absolutely planning on having a crazy weekend :) Yay ! Even though last week's was pretty up there hah. You all look gorgeous! Hope you have an amazing time. Themes are so fun! xx

  3. have fun!!! im super jealous

  4. I'll come back later to read this post, but wanted to let you know that I gave you an award:)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Ooh, I better start packing. I'm leaving in the morning!

  6. hey there!
    You girls look like Sex and the City!!!
    look's fun!!!

  7. Have a great time!

    btw I just stumbled across your blog.
    LOVE the name xD

  8. Have a great time! I so want to visit Vegas some time!

  9. Have a great time! I so want to visit Vegas some time!

  10. oh man im jealous! i have visited vegas twice and not going back to the US til SEPTMEBER :( love love love it. hope u had a wicked time! x

  11. Have a great time (like you need to even think twice about it in Vegas)!!

  12. Oh I hope you had so much fun....I love Vegas!!!


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