Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gone Camping

photo via tvtubers

I'm off to go camping this weekend in Santa Barabara. So excited but a little nervous. My first time!!! So, I'm not really the camping type of girl but I've got to try it once, right? Plus Santa Barbara seems like the perfect spot!

photo via geekologie

We're camping in a tent on a camping area on the beach. Oh, hope my tent is pretty and cozy ;)

photo via kaboodle

I think I packed all the necessities: makeup, hair dryer, heels! Just kidding. I'm going au natural, only bringing 1 lip gloss!

Wish me luck and hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ruffles Are So Summer

photo via exotic excess

I'm loving the ruffle trend right now. Is just so feminine, flirty and pretty!

photo via kaboodle

I bought this cute tiered ruffle top from Express (now it's on sale of course) and threw a braided belt on with it.

I want to buy a ruffle dress now.

photo via wet seal
This one is so adorable!

photo via forever 21
With the white belt.

photo via victoria secret

And I bought these shoes recently. They are on sale now of course for $99.99! Doesn't that always happen? Wouldn't they go great with the yellow ruffle dress?!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Frat House

photo via amazon

This past weekend, living in Huntington Beach, I was reminded of how I want to GO to the party not LIVE at the party!

I don't know if it's because I'm just getting older or just so over the party scene (and have been for awhile), I really dislike living in a noisy rowdy area. The neighborhood, especially on a holiday weekend, is one big frat party!

photo via virgin media

Don't get me wrong, I like to have fun and go to a nice party here and there.

photo by missapoo2 via flickr

photo by meanqueen119 via flickr

I always struggle with this. Huntington Beach is pretty and I live one block up from the beach at a great price for so cal. But its so rowdy. I just want my home to be peaceful and quiet. Am I asking for too much?

photo by zhushmanson via flickr
Do I need to move?

photo by gris1 via flickr

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Party Like Holly G

This Memorial Day Weekend, please give a heart filled thanks to all our heroes who died for our country...........and then celebrate Holly Golightly style!

photo via ny sun

I absolutely love the movie Breakfast At Tiffanys! I've seen it so many times and I'm still not sick of it. Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly is the ultimate party girl! She knows how to throw a fabulous party: minus the smoking (yuck!).

photo via la times blog
Ooh, it looks like a bubbly hangover. A stylish eye mask will cure it!

photo via ecosalon
Darling, it's only noon, why are you waking me up!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Calling All Clowns

photo by vaguely artistic via flickr.

(This clown/ballerina is on top of a cvs in Santa Monica on Main Street. So trippy to see at first and definitely interesting.)

I love stripes done right. I realize that this CAN be a difficult challenge though. If one has too many stripes within a room or if they clash with other decor OR if they are not the right colors, it can look like a circus. But when done right, it really spruces up a room!

I love the pink stripes mix with the yellow, red, lavender and light blue: so pretty!

Three photos above via living etc
This looks lovely with the light blue walls.

photo via southern living

I like the monochromatic use of stripes. What a beautiful and bright porch.
Or maybe just some striped Accessories:
photo via Elle Decor

photo via elle decor
Or on some flat ware.
Stripes are FUN!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Laugher Makes the World Go Round

photo via rock the trend

This past weekend I went to see Kathy Griffin at the OC performance Arts Center. Wow, I had some major laughs. I think she's hilarious! But I can definitely understand that she is either a "love her" or "hate her" performer. Also, her performance can be a bit hard to follow for some. She goes off on tangents and jumps around in what she is talking about. I could see how that could be so annoying but I don't think so and I love her!

photo via ny mag

Although, I am not a person who thinks its nice to make fun of people. Some celebrities I think are fair game. I mean, if you know your in the public eye and you continue to make a fool of yourself or do outrageous things (ie. Brittney, Paris, Housewives of whatever city), how can you be upset if someone is making jokes out of it? It's not malicious (usually) and all in good fun. And who else could get away with it but Kathy Griffin. The celebs still seem to talk to her so...

photo via the superficial
I really needed a good innocent laugh too. So the weekend was a success!

photo by carl jones via flickr
Doesn't laughing feel so good and make you so happy?

photo via marie claire

photo by eddie sweet daddy via flickr

photo by free style girlzz via flickr

Let's extend the good times and have a happy laugh filled Monday!
Side note: Warning: if you did not see the Survivor finale yet do not continue reading.
Yay! Did you see who won....I love when good things happen to good people! He deserved it!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Will You Skate With Me?

photo by leratomathete via flickr

Remember the days when your biggest worry was who you were going to skate with at the roller rink. Oh, the good old days ;)
Hope everyone has a weekend that is stress free and fun!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blank Canvas

I don't know exactly why but I LOVE an all white room. Maybe because it reminds me of a summer beach cottage (my dream) or maybe because it's just so alluring and pretty. I probably will never have an all white room because first, I am sure I would spill something and second my honey would never be into that (too girly) but one can dream...

I was perusing my favorite home decor site Living Etc and found some dreamy rooms that I would love to live in!

I love the splash of green.

Can't you just feel the breeze.

I just want to dive under the covers! I think this would be like sleeping on a cloud. Aaahhhhh.

Just a touch of pink!

So cozy! And I love the flowers and twig branches. It's all in the details.
I love this one especially the peace and heart pillows!

Peace Love and Happiness to all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blemishes, Wrinkles and Dehydration, Oh My!

photo via Pixel Jones via flickr

I used to be an Aesthetician before I got into marketing/media so I am a die hard SKIN CARE NUT! Even though I left the facial world behind, nothing beats a at home spa night.

photo by Shad photos via flickr

Typically, I have pretty nice skin but once in awhile I break out. Ugh! Not sure if it's the coffee, chocolate or stress but I am breaking out a little right now and hate it! It's so not fair to have combat blemishes and wrinkles!

photo via ourvanity

To combat both, I turn to Burt's Bees.

photo via Burt Bees

Their products are the best for keeping skin clear, soft, hydrated and just plain pretty! They use natural ingrediants (no chemicals yay!), are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, don't test on animals and care about our well being.
photo by Beauty Salon and Skin Care via flickr

They used to only sell their products at healthfood stores like Mother's Market, but I've been seeing them at the drugstores now. I'd prefer they were exclusive to healthsfood stores because for some reason I think drugstore products use cheap ingredients (I know I'm such a skin care snob, haha). I guess their just trying to broaden their market share which makes sense so don't let that stear you away. It's still a quality product.

Not only does Burt Bee's offer amazing products that are good for you and the earth but I love what they stand for as a company and busines. Check out their business model.

Well-being, social responsibility and environmentally friendly. How many companies THINK AND ACT like that?

At Home Spa & Beauty Bootcamp Must Haves:

1. Cleanser : Lemon Poppy Seed Facial Cleanser
2. Exfoliater: Citrus Facial Scrub
This is my all time favorite. And I've used A LOT of exfoliaters. It makes your skin soft and smooth. It's made with almonds, oats and pecans blended with rose petals and orange oil. Smells yummy!

3. Mask: Pore Refining Mask

I love this mask. It kicks butt! You just mix the powder with a little water and apply all over. You can really feel it deep cleaning your pores and drying out those nasty break outs.

4. Nightime Treatment: Evening Primrose Oil Moisturizer

Vitamins and primrose oil tackles wrinkles and aging (not to mention leaves your skin so hydrated). This is the nightime remedy that will leave you looking ageless (I hope).

It's a bit heavy so unless you have extremely dry skin, I recommend only appling it at night or spot treating any areas where you have wrinkles or trying to prevent them (around the eyes, forehead and frown lines).

All Burt Bees photos via Burt Bees

After this spa routine, your skin will look amazing and you'll feel and look goregous!

photo by movies & movies via flickr

I'm ready for my close up!
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