Monday, May 4, 2009

San Diego Road Trip

photo via sd architecture

This past weekend, my honey and I went to San Diego for a little weekend getaway. It's only 1 1/2 hours south from us so the drive there is a breeze.
I love how parts of the freeway are right by the coast.

San Diego is a great place. You have the city downtown and lots of smaller cities surrounding it and on the coast, each with it's own style and vibe. There's so much to check out. You really need more than a two days. SD is also so pretty with the hills and the ocean.

photo via West Coast Roads

We stayed in the Gaslamp district which is in downtown SD. It definitely has a city feel but not like LA. It's cleaner, safer but less exciting than LA. LA is much more of a big city and I think has more to offer. Gaslamp area is the spot for restaurants and bars.
Gaslamp District:

photo via triphow

Love the trolly!

Cupcake stop!

photos by Kristin_a via flickr

I can't pass up trying some cupcakes in a different city. Heavenly Cupcakes has some yummy ones.

View from the rooftop of our hotel. It was so nice to have a glass of wine at the lounge bar and have this view of the city and the harbour.

Walking around the city in the evening:

At the Marriott hotel:

I love this top from Bebe. It has a ruffle neckline that I adore. My friend bought it for me for my birthday this past January.

Brian surprised me with a little bubbly to celebrate our engagement.

AND finally......the ring!

In person, it's so sparkly! I love the style. It has a vintage feel. He did a great job picking it out :)


  1. I love SD...gaslamp is sooooo much fun! your ring is gorgeous!!! congrats again!

  2. Looks like a lovely trip! You guys are a gorgeous couple...and hello, I love your ring. are the winner of the Sephora giftcard!! Email me your address ( and I'll get it to you! :)

  3. I love SD! And it's so nice how close we are!

    The Gaslamp is my favorite...but actually, those cupcakes look fabulous yum!

    And you look HOT lady, woo hoo! :)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, perfect ring for a gorgeous girl!

    YAY for winning my Sis's giveaway :)
    XOXO, Liz

  4. I have never been to sd;-(
    you look so happy and your ring ROCKS!!
    congrats again!


  5. I've never been to San Diego, but I plan on going very soon and can't wait! It looks like you had a great time. LOVE the ring!

  6. san diego is such a fun getaway!

    and you are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! and so is your ring.

    yay. this is all fun and happy stuff!!!!!

  7. Oh How I love your posts. San Diego is so wonderful. I love how different it is, so many different areas that have completely different feels than the town next to it.

    One of my favorite drives is actually going down to SD, driving along the coast, so perfect.

    Your ring is stunning, i want one myself!! Haha, and I recognized that top, it looks fabulous on you.

    I'm obsessed with cupcakes, and i cant resist stopping at those cupcakes places, so yummy!!!

    im glad you had such a beautiful time, love it!

  8. Congratulations, darling! Love the ring, all these pics, and you in that magenta top - fabulous!


  9. the ring looks so beautiful on your hand!! its super pretty

  10. Ohmygod, congratulations! I'm so happy for you... the ring is absolutely gorgeous!

    It looks like you had the time of your lives... and you certainly deserve it, honey!

  11. Congratulations! I'm glad I didnt spill the beans too early hahahaha! xoxo

  12. oh congrat....
    i love the gas lamp district.

  13. Congrats sweetie. You so pretty and so happy. That ring totally matches you and he did a great job. Plus I love your SD picks.

    Come and stop and see my chick chat video about my life in San Francisco :)

  14. how fun! seemed like a fabulous trip! and the ring! OMG beautiful!

  15. congratulations! i love your ring :) you and your fiancee make a seriously gorgeous couple!

  16. Congratulations! What a fantastic trip with an amazing ending! The ring is beautiful!


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