Thursday, May 21, 2009

Calling All Clowns

photo by vaguely artistic via flickr.

(This clown/ballerina is on top of a cvs in Santa Monica on Main Street. So trippy to see at first and definitely interesting.)

I love stripes done right. I realize that this CAN be a difficult challenge though. If one has too many stripes within a room or if they clash with other decor OR if they are not the right colors, it can look like a circus. But when done right, it really spruces up a room!

I love the pink stripes mix with the yellow, red, lavender and light blue: so pretty!

Three photos above via living etc
This looks lovely with the light blue walls.

photo via southern living

I like the monochromatic use of stripes. What a beautiful and bright porch.
Or maybe just some striped Accessories:
photo via Elle Decor

photo via elle decor
Or on some flat ware.
Stripes are FUN!


  1. I love the clown and the striped stairs! : )

  2. Love the clown! Excellent blog you have going here...following you. Visit me for news on the Indian art scene.
    Twitter: Art_Advisor

  3. I am a big fan of stripes in decor too!!

    that clown is so cool!!!

  4. im a fan too. i have them painted in my entryway! love the yellow and white on the porch, too.

  5. I've been playing with stripes a lot lately. They're fun for summer! I took your advice on the burts bees, and I wanted to say thanks! I think I needed a more natural approach. My skin already feels better! :D

  6. The stairs are awesome - and brights with stripes is the best :)

  7. That clown is hilarious...and even funnier that it sits atop CVS!!

    I love those stairs...they make me so happy.

  8. 1. That clown is CREEPY!
    2. I love the pictures you found! Especially the stairs.

  9. i love the yellow and white outdoor furniture! super super!!!

  10. Hey! So, yes that morning I combed my hair when I got out of the shower and wrapped it in a towel. I let it down later, didn't touch it - just let it air dry. Later added some of my bf's hair wax and scrunched it in there.

    My hair does have a natural wave, I guess you could say it might always look like that if I never brushed it!

    That said, might not be able to do that again...I'm getting hair extensions tomorrow hehe - so excited but not sure what my "new hair" will want to do!

  11. LOVE the first photo - I want to live there. Stripes and floral designs are my favorites.

  12. LOVING that staircase runner!


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