Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gone Camping

photo via tvtubers

I'm off to go camping this weekend in Santa Barabara. So excited but a little nervous. My first time!!! So, I'm not really the camping type of girl but I've got to try it once, right? Plus Santa Barbara seems like the perfect spot!

photo via geekologie

We're camping in a tent on a camping area on the beach. Oh, hope my tent is pretty and cozy ;)

photo via kaboodle

I think I packed all the necessities: makeup, hair dryer, heels! Just kidding. I'm going au natural, only bringing 1 lip gloss!

Wish me luck and hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. what cute pretty pink tent. have fun this weekend.

  2. I wish camping was actually like this! Without the mud and grunge xoxo

  3. Ohhh Santa Barabra is one of my favorite places ever! Do they have room service in the woods =) Have a wonderful time. I hope to make your day a little brighter. Come by my blog for an award. I think your Aw-summm!

  4. no heels required, that is for sure! i hope you have a great time. santa barbara is so gorgeous that it will be hard not to! and you can always skip off to the beach! ;)

  5. oooh, sounds like a lot of fun! can't wait to read about it when you get back :-)

  6. That pink tent looks inviting, but I'm not one for roughing it. Any photos from your trip?


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