Monday, June 1, 2009

Beauty Secret #1

photo via cosmetic-makeovers

Be afraid, be very afraid..............of the sun!

I know it's difficult to hear. It lures you with it's sunny smile and seductive warmth but get too close and let your guard'll forever be cursed with skin like a raisin! As a former Aesthetician, I've seen some major sun damage, especially here in So Cal (sorry Cali girls). So please remember, although it feels and looks soooo good, the sun is your # 1 enemy. So don't go out to play without some good protection.

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A good sunscreen is the #1 summer essential must have! Don't worry, sunblock has come a long way since the goopy white mask. Sunblock is a must have for ANY outdoor activity, not just the beach. I find Zia Skin Basics spf 30 (purchased at Mothers Market or online) to be the best! It has a high spf without feeling like it. It does NOT make you break out either. Trust me, that is a high priority for me. I am always scouting for the perfect sunblock that can be applied effortlessly and leaves my skin shine and break out free.

It's light weight and your makeup applies nicely over it so I usually wear it even when I'm indoors for part the day.

#2: Powder Sunscreen for OVER you makeup (or in place of foundation and powder). This is the best creation EVER! I absolutely love Bare Escentual's Bare Minerals SPF 30. It doesn't feel caked on nor do you look like like a makeup face. Apply it in the morning after you apply a little concealer (for the touch up areas) and then lightly dust through out the day when your outside.

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#3: Besides combating the sun with sunblock, other essentials for the outdoors:


and Sunnies!

#4: And of course NO Fake Bake unless it's a spray tan! I swear by Mystic Tan. Nobody will know that it's not real.
If you incorporate these essentials, along with others such as:
~no smoking
~no major drinking
~lots of h20
~healthy diet
(That's easy right ;)
I promise you that you'll skin will stay looking like this.

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Rather than this in 10 years.

photo via save and conserve


  1. Oh my gosh, you are so adorable!! Beautiful! Love the pictures.But really Im so glad you posted this. So many people fry themselves in the sun for the tan now but dont realize in a couple of years there is no turning back - the sun is dangerous!! And its an enemy to our skin. Granted a little Vitamin D is good for anyone, but not in a tanning way.

    Im all about the spray tan if I want to be tan.

    I love that a lot of makeup lines now have certain amounts of SPF in them, but the Bare Minerals powder sunscreen you talked about is brilliant!!!

    Here is a beauty question for you... or maybe a blog idea since you are a pro. But the world of facials! How often should we get them, what kinds are best for certain types of skin?! Facials and all the different ones people offer gets pretty overwhelming, Id love to hear your professional views of this topic, and Im sure a lot of others would want to as well haha. Id def appreciate it!!


  2. GREAT post! I have subscribed to the no-sun policy since I was a teen. My best friend's mother is 65 and looks like she's in her 40s. I once asked her what her secret was and she replied, "I have never once sat in the sun- it will give you the most horrid wrinkles." I don't ever want to do Botox/injections/etc so I plan on keeping my pale face out of the harmful rays forever. I like the idea of spry tan, but never really did it...maybe this summer I will try.

    ps- you have AMAZING skin...

  3. i agree! when we are young, its so tempting to be tan but id much rather be more pale now and look younger down the road!

  4. I really don't want to look like the last image. I've spent the last few years living part time in Ethiopia where the sun is blazing, and I don't step into the sun without spf 50. Wrinkles suck! Seriously though, it's been mid twenties in the UK this past weekend, and people have gone insane, there are a million saggy tomato's running around. Have a fab week xoxo

  5. I love the powder sunscreen, thanks Mel!
    I am GUILTY of tanning...I love laying in the sun with a trashy magazine but I've been trying to stop and go the spray tan route. I've realized the expensive skin care products I buy aren't worth it if I'm jacking up my skin in the sun anyway! haha
    You are GORG.

  6. I am a sunscreen freak!!!

    I always have wanted that super white porcelain skin, but I have an olive complexion so I kinda look tan all of the time.

  7. you are so right! my oldest sister just got diagnosed with skin cancer on her FACE. a tan is just not worth it. don't be stupid, ladies!!!

  8. Here's my question - especially since I just moved to Vegas - maybe you can help... Does my hair need to be protected from the sun?!

    PS) I bought all four of the Burt's Bees products you suggested. I love them!

  9. Cute tips. I tan, I admit it lol. Since Vancouver is under a rain cloud for about 10 months of the year, we make the most of the sun when it finally comes out to play! Being up North helps too, it's not so strong. I still wear sunscreen though if I'm out for awhile (more than 20 min) and I always put it on my face - I'm gonna try the powder stuff asap!

    I don't use tanning beds though and in the winter months I use self-tanner galore...even in summer too, because my legs never ever tan!

  10. PS - so discouraging to know that 80% of the damage is already done by the time you hit 12 years of age :S

  11. i think sis is going to be ok w/the skin cancer. she has some kind of topical cream to put on for months, and then they monitor her to see if it is spreading or not.

    her skin cancer has been a hell of a warning to me to get out of the sun, even tho i love lounging on the patio with magazines. not smart in the end! shade all the way!

  12. I'm so scared of getting skin cancer - I wear SPF 70 all the time!! Good tips though!

  13. I MUST get that Bare Minerals SPF powder! I love being outdoors in the sun but I always wear a hat and SPF too. And I fake bake myself with Loreal's tanning lotion - it's a perfect alternative.


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