Thursday, June 18, 2009

Booty Boot Camp

photo via ballywick

Summer is here and so is bikini season (and I just bought the cutest bikini). This means it time to take my workout program up a notch!
So I have to admit, I'm not the type of girl that can throw on a big t-shirt and dig up some faded sweats for the gym. I like to look cute and wear stylish workout gear. But let me preface that statement by letting you know that I don't get all dolled up just for the gym. If it's an AM workout, I apply just a little mascara, concealer and lip gloss. If it's after work, I just leave on my makeup from the day. I'm not trying to impress anyone , I do it for me. What can I say, it just makes me feel good.

My favorite workout pants are the yoga fold over stretch pants from Victoria Secret. They are very stylish, a good price and most importantly they make you booty look great!

photo via Victoria Secret

I swear by these amazing workout pants. I think I must own every color by now. What's unique about these pants is that they come in different lengths. I'm tall so I always have problems with pants being too short so I absolutely love this!

Victoria's Secret strawberry and black, halter tee and sports bra

Although they are "yoga" pants and great for this excercise, they're perfect for the gym, a run at the beach or what ever work out you do.

Aqua blue and navy Victoria's Secret yoga foldover pants and tank top from Zara

My typical workout schedule consists of the following:
1. yoga 1-2x a week at Yoga Works
2. cardio 3x week at the gym at 24 Hour Fitness (elliptical, treadmill or kick boxing class - I like to mix it up)
3. run on the boardwalk by the beach once a week for 3 miles (sometimes when I'm feeling lazy it's part of my 3x cardio)
4. 1x weights at the gym
5. floor exercise whenever I have extra energy after cardio - crunches, squats, etc.
And I always try to stay active with hiking, taking my beach cruiser out for a bike ride or just going for a walk.
I'm flexible with my routines but I always feel my best when I stick to this schedule OR workout even more (on my ambitious days). It helps me stay in shape, makes me feel good physically and mentally (great for stress and a positive outlook on life).
photo by iamjlwarner via flickr
I've been working out since I was 15 so I can't imagine a life without a good sweat!

What's your "stay fit" workout? Any favorite workout gear that you just love?


  1. SO happy you posted this & I am ordering those VS pants...I have heard about them before, but forgot to buy! I love a little Yoga & really enjoy outdoor exercising: walking/jogging, hiking, biking, tennis & swimming laps (my fave for whole body workout!).

  2. Love that 80's workout photo... feel the burn. ;)
    The VS yoga pants are awesome and such a good price.

  3. Ever tried Lululemon pants? they are famous for making your butt look awesome. even my butt! In fact, they are the only pants that give my butt credit (sound bad but my ass looks better without clothes covering!). I like the VS ones though because they are waaay cheaper and I dont have to hem them.

    I wish I had been working out since I was 15 but I'm lazy, I'm too heavy to do a lot of things and my feet are a problem. I've only really started working out in the winter of 2007! It paid off though - you'll see me featured in Self Magazine next month!

    I do strength training 2x 0r 3x a week. When I'm really ambitious I do spinning 4-5x a week but it usually 2-3x a week. I try to run when I can, a few times a month, but I have problems.

    I'm moving in two weeks so I am not sure if I can keep up with the spinning where I'm going. I might actually just buy a bike (since I'll be in the burbs). I also plan on playing lots of tennis and badminton and going for runs.

  4. THANK YOU for the VS link, those pants are a must. I love a great workout xoxo

  5. GOOD LORD you are great shape! and it shows!!!

    i have those VS numbers and i love them!

    i mostly work out at home with dvds when i work out. and i get so hot that i usually end up stripping down to underwear and sports bra. i always live in fear that i will be busted by the bf, and it has happened. embarrassing! but oh well!!!!

    hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I <3 the VS pants. So cute! I saw some when I was in America on holiday last month and wish I'd got some!

    You sound so fit and healthy. I'm embarrassed coz I have been dead lazy lately when it comes to exercise!


  7. The hubs and I used to be gym rats but after our little man was born, I couldn't find the time, so lately I've been doing 30 day shred and walking with the jogger. Used to run but my knee is done. Those pants are adorable!

  8. oh how I could stick to a workout schedule! You look hot in your gear!

  9. Oh don't scare me with the bikini season :-) You look so gorgoeus, I would never go to the beach together with you, LOL. By the way great workout schedule...I really have to pull myself together :-) I'm so happy to see you on my blog, thanks for following. Much love: Evi

  10. Nice workout regimen, darling! No wonder you're in such incredible shape... You look better than the VS model in those yoga pants (which, btw are my absolute faaaaaavorite garment, for both Pilates and lounging!)!


    P.S. You've inspired me to go for a little run later :)

  11. You look amazing in those VS yoga pants. I have been eyeing them myself for quite some time now. You have inspired me to whip out my credit card and purchase a pair for myself! :)

  12. Cute workout clothes! I just bought a new bikini too, which I am trying to get into shape for. (Joined a gym again). So will definitely check out VS for some suitable attire. ;)

  13. You look GREAT! Inspiring me...

    Ok, I need those pants. LOL I just got my VS bikini in the mail and I'm like maybe one more week of hardcore gym action before I even open that little sucker. I love the fold over! and the lengths!

    I would so pay you to be my trainer! WAIT. That is a fab idea. We're neighbors...thoughts???!!!

  14. you look so cute in your gear! i neeeed to get back into yoga.

  15. those look great on you! I may need to order them. I'm the exact opposite, pants are always too long for me but then when I order the "short" length they are too short so I always still have to get the regular length and get them hemmed.

    and super impressed with your workout schedule! I need to get back into it.

  16. Every time I see those pants in the catalog I want to buy them! They look so cute, and I love the fun colors on the waistband.

  17. You look great, you're definitely an inspiration! I've always wondered about these pants but I have long legs too and I HATE when pants are too short which normally happens with yoga pants, maybe I'll have to give these a try!

  18. I have those pants... Love them! Man, you are inspiring me... I haven't worked out regularly in a while, but really need to for my mood and to get back into shape... Oh, and you look GORGEOUS!


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