Monday, June 22, 2009

"Pay It Forward" Giveaway!

As you know, a little while back I was lucky enough to win a GIVEAWAY from Gabby, she wrote, here ( I won a Sephora gift certificate which I'll blog about my purchases soon) AND although I didn't win the contest over at Gals in the know, she gifted me a present for being her first "non" friend follower way back when. What a sweetheart! If you haven't checked out her's fabulous!

What she gifted to me: Stila shadow and blush compact

She wrapped it with fashion magazine paper and this pretty stone. I took off the paper before I had my camera out so I just placed the stone around the makeup compact for the photo above. What a neat idea she had. So fun to unwrap!

Isn't the eye shadow pretty? There are two shimmer nude colors and a brown shadow along with a pink blush. I love it! (Btw, don't mind the paint on my hand, I was painting the kitchen earlier that day and couldn't get all the paint off!)

Thank you Gals in the know for giving me this super cute Stila makeup. I absolutely LOVE Stila products so this was such a TREAT!

Since I've been so LUCKY, I want to PAY IT FORWARD!
The Underfunded Heiress 1st Giveaway: Whoo hoo!

I recently blogged about cute bikini cover ups here. One of my favorites was the Victoria Secret ruffle cover up dress. I bought it recently but because I think it's SO lovely, I'm going to give it away! (But maybe I'll have to buy another one, so whoever wins may have to be matching twins with me).

It's a size small but I think it runs big. It seems like more of a medium to me. I love the ruffle top and it's really soft and light (to see the details of the dress click here).

Don't you love it?! Don't you want it?!

In order to participate in the contest you MUST be in my click (aka a follower).
AND to enter the contest:
1. Comment on this blog post telling me where you would like to wear this cute little number.
2. Additonal entry given by mentioning my contest on your blog (and please let me know just in case I accidentally miss it).
4. Additonal entry given by following my twitter (ufheiress).
3. Additonal entry given for linking my blog (please let me know if you do so).

Rules: Must be18 yrs or old and live in the US or Canada (sorry, it's just too expensive to ship Internationally, unless you know of a way that it's not please let me know).

Easy right?

In 2 weeks (July 6), I'll announce the winner!

Good luck!


  1. I was excited till I saw it's for the US only! Damn!

    I love VS! :)


  2. Aww how sweet of Gabby is that!! Gosh its bad but I can't remember who my first follower was...and I only have 30 something!

    That top is lovely xx

  3. Hey girl~ This is what my giveaways EVERY week are about..."Pay It Forward". Have you seen this weeks? You should :) Thanks for joining in such a worthy cause.

  4. First of all....LOVE your makeup with your new Stila colors...they work so so well for you!! I would wear that little number all over the place this summer...the pool, the beach, to lunch, to dinner. It's so fun & easy, sexy & flirty!

    I linked you to my blog...would you like to exchange??

  5. I love all of the VS swim collection stuff, it's so cute. My boyfriend and I drive down to the beach for a weekend now and then, and I always wear coverups for lunch on the boardwalk, etc. Very cute! :)

  6. Totally random, but I love how your hair looks so effortlessly beautiful in these pictures!

  7. fab giveaway!

    I follow you on here, just started on twitter, and of course you are on my links! :)

    I would wear that bad boy to the beach!

  8. I heart the VS swim collection this year...well, every year. :)

    I follow you of course, on twitter also AND of course you are on my links too!!

  9. Congratulations on your special gift/treat. You deserve to have good things happen to you. :)

  10. I am so a follower and i would wear it going to the beach and of course in Hawaii in a couple of months.

  11. Lucky date for me. My little dude turns one on July 6. I would love to wear this little number to the beach on a mommy and daddy only getaway with the hubs!

  12. the eyeshadow is gorgeous! and so nice of you to "pay it forward" :)

    I would love to win that cute little coverup! Would definitely wear it on the beach in Mexico!

    following you on twitter as well.

  13. Congrats on getting all thos fabulous gifts! I love how the Stila makeup was wrapped with that stone... what a great idea! And the eye shadow looks great on you! Cute ruffle top.. a shame I live in Europe... sigh. Hope you're having a great week so far :)

  14. Oh, I'm sorry Europeans, I wish I could include you!

  15. Such a sweet post and you look gorgeous with the new make up :-) Leticia is so sweet over Gals in the Know, I love her page...I just won her giveaway and I'm so excited :-)

  16. Hi cutie...just lovely. Well would it count if I wore my cover up while vacuuming? After working up a sweat I would take a ferry ride over to Sausalito and take a swim in the ocean. This is such a great idea my favorite heiress!

  17. Nice blog! i've added you on twitter, you're linked on my blogroll, and i'm following you! i'm more than halfway done with the competition...

    If i win, i will be wearing the cute white VS cover-up on the sandy beaches of Cabo in August! That's my next scheduled vacation...

    And I will be blogging soon about your giveaway...

  18. I wanted to comment on exactly the same thing as Mrs. Lovers Knot; your hair looks so shiny and gorgeous in every photo!

  19. Love it! Count me in...!! I will for sure wear it at my pool, but I WANT to wear it in Mexico... I love Mexico and I adore the beach and pretty cover-ups. You look gorgeous in the photo - love the hair and makeup. What a great gift and so sweet of her. I should have thanked my first non-friend follower. It made me so happy when I saw an unfamiliar face in my followers! I'll definitely go check out gals in the know!

  20. I am blogging about this giveaway and linking to you for extra entries. Love it girl! Can i be your twin?

  21. twitter. check.
    blog follow. check.

    i'd love to wear this ruffled beauty to a rooftop happy hour in manhattan. margaritas would probably be involved!

    thanks for this GREAT giveaway! good luck to everyone xo

  22. Just discovered your blog, and am now a follower. Would love you to check out mine as well!

    Cute cover-up. Would love to wear it to a beach day in Malibu.

  23. Pay it forward - definitely a saying I try to live by. Up there with the golden rule ;) Love love love the eyeshadow. Unfortunately I only have one vacation planned this year that will be out of state and it is a bit away.. But I would love to be able to rock the cover up during.. It will be my first trip to Cali... Am so super excited. Of course I will also wear it to the pool and nearby beaches. I am also "following you" now on Twitter [angiegutes].


  24. i would wear that coverup at the pool, lake, beach, over jeans with a bright belt, but most of all, on the mediterranean cruise i'm taking [fingers crossed, this is seriously my dream, and not yet a reality!], and on every greek isle! seeing the parthenon? white coverup. eating gyros by the sea? white coverup. dancing with the boyfriend in the grecian moonlight? WHITE COVERUP!! :)

    i'm following you on twitter, blogger, and wherever else you go ;)

    p.s. consider yourself linked, doll!

  25. I love that! I'd wear it when I go to the pool every day. :)

    If I could wear it anywhere, I'd like to wear it on a black beach in Hawaii.

  26. I would totally wear it with a my sueded gold pyramid belt, gladiators or slouchy brown boots and a fab sunhat :)

  27. love this!! it might even be cute with some metallic TALL heels for a fun night out!!

  28. 1. I will wear it to the pool every day! I babysit my 11 & 10 year old little brother and sister every evening. It will be perfect!
    2. I posted a jewelry contest today as well. I am going back to reference your give away in the post now. I would love for anyone to come participate in the jewelry giveaway.
    3. You are linked on my page @


  29. Every summer I go to Maine (to a little beach town). The dress would be the perfect thing to put over my bathing suit when I leave the beach for lunch or any other time I would be walking around in town. It is so cute!

  30. I would love to enter, however!!! my girls are way too big for a small, lol!!
    so good luck to all!!! I willlisting another giveaway today or tomorrow!

  31. So freaking cute! Why have I not seen this before?! Love it. I would wear this in three months on my honeymoon in Mexico! I just got furloughed at work so my hottie honeymooner fund has dwindled substantially. I would so love to win this and rock it with my cute heeled gladiators and a big fun hat and sunglasses.

  32. So freaking cute! Why have I not seen this before?! Love it. I would wear this in three months on my honeymoon in Mexico! I just got furloughed at work so my hottie honeymooner fund has dwindled substantially. I would so love to win this and rock it with my cute heeled gladiators and a big fun hat and sunglasses.

  33. I just started following you on Twitter! I am hplayer. I love your blog. :)


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