Friday, June 26, 2009

Vintage MJ

photo via WCBS FM

Being a kid of the 80's I MUST give tribute to MJ. I know he had a questionable life and many speculated disturbing behaviors BUT I have to say that he definately was a talented artist and was the perfect music for my dance contests at many fun slumber parties!
photo via kaboodle

Remembering Vintage MJ:

photo pins via wolfgangs vault

I used to wear a photo pin on my jean jacket (the yellow vest was my favorite) in my grade school days.

I remember for Christmas asking "Santa" to bring me the MJ tape....instead "Santa" brought me the Jackson 5. I was so not into it (that was 70's not 80's), I wanted Thriller! But my Mom tried :)

I remember singing "Billie Jean knocking at my door" into my hair brush... only to find out later when I was older that the words were "Billie Jean is not my lover."

Video juanpfluck via You Tube
MJ, you had some awesome moves (not to mention some cool fashion) and your early days left some great memories! Do you have some good MJ stories?
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  1. fantastic post...:)

  2. Nice post. Lol at the wrong lyrics :)

  3. As a kid, I never knew what the words were to Billie Jean either. It took on a whole new meaning when I figured it out.

    Love all the pictures. My mom thought I'd be afraid of Thriller and wouldn't get it for me. Of course, she was right. I saw the video on TV and couldn't sleep for days!

  4. i would listen to his record on my fisher price record player and according to my mom, dance in the mirror for hours to his tunes.

    great post. i will always remember mj

  5. Great post! Thriller was such an innovative album -- I still love it! I remeber watching the videos on MTV and being in awe.

  6. this is really dating myself, but I watched thriller over and over again on beta! I did a bit of the dance for Hub last night!

  7. Honesty, it wasn't until reading your post that I realized I too always sang the wrong lyrics too. lol

  8. I realized after seeing so many of his videos today, I've been singing the wrong lyrics to MANY of his songs. I always thought it was "Billie Jean, rock my world over." haha boy was I wrong. I also completely forgot about the song, "Dirty Diana"!

  9. Such a perfect soundtrack to our childhood huh?

    OMG THE PENINSULA-yep, that's where he lives!! hahahaha I knew you would know what I was talking about! :)

  10. I totally begged for a Beat It style red leather jacket! Actually, I think I might still rock one were I to find it.

  11. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but my appreciation for Michael Jackson and his music only developed after hearing the Free Willy Soundtrack. Granted, I'm a child of the 90's so that counts for something, right? Plus I know better now!

  12. love love love MJ and I still cannot believe he is gone. I'm actually watching his old videos right now on Vh1

  13. im still in awe as well. great musician who accomplished what people can only dream of

  14. He touched my life something big. I wanted to marry him..I went to his concert when i was 8 years old! I will never forget it. My husband played him in a talent show when he was in the 3rd grade. We have many memeoris in my house and passed them on to our children who grew to love him as well. No one can or has the right to judge anything that went on in his personal life. No matter what, he was the best entertainer born to this earth period. I just hope that everyone gives him respect, along with his family. he had a mother and father..children..sisters and brothers that loved him. Janet Jackson said it best on the BET awards last night. She said he was an ICON to us, but family to them.


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