Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cover Me Up

Blake Lively photo via zimbio

In the hopes the June Gloom will pass soon and we can put on our bikinis and head to the beach. Here are a few "I have to have it" bikini cover ups. These cover up dresses are just perfect to toss over your bikini for the beach, the pool, a bbq or just riding your beach cruiser on the boardwalk.

Shoshanna dress via Shop Bop

Shoshana dress via Shop Bop
I love how parts of this dress are shear. It looks so light and airy.
So feminine and pretty.

via victoria secret

I love this one. This one could even be worn as a "real" dress, maybe with a cute brown braided belt.

I think this one is my favorite. So pretty!
Side note: It's my sister's birthday today! Happy Birthday! Can't wait to celebrate!


  1. I love all of these! One question, can a beach cover up be worn into the evening as well? What if you put a tank underneath it, skinny jeans & heels?

  2. Ooh this is a stunning selection, floaty lacy whites look stunning against tanned skin. I'm all for evening combiations like the Beauty File suggested! As always, UH, your style is so lovely xoxo

  3. There was another cover up on New York and Company that was pretty good too:

  4. So cute and fab sweetie. Happy Birthday sis! Come stop by today as I have two little presents for you...

  5. these are just perfect! especially the last one!

  6. I love the last one too! But they are all perfect for summer...come onnn summer!!! :)

  7. thank God for cover-ups!! seriously!! i don't think i could go out in public in a bathing suit without one!

  8. I want one too! You have a present awaiting you on my blog.


  9. The Shoshana one is my fav - so pretty. I can't wait for June Gloom to end!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm looking forward to brunch this Sunday.

  10. I've been contemplating that F21 one for a few days now (as a normal dress not coverup) - will take the plunge!

  11. Oooooooooo, I'm crushing on that last VS number!!

  12. love the one shouldered one!


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