Friday, July 31, 2009

Rest Stop

By Melanie

photo via

Yay! It's the weekend. Let's chill out!

Hope you have a nice summer weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ghosts at the Hotel Del Coronado

By Melanie

The second day of me and my honey's San Diego weekend trip a few months back was spent exploring Coronado Island. Years ago it was featured on an episode of Baywatch and ever since I've wanted to go.

Remember when they go to the "haunted" Hotel Del Coronado and one of the lifeguards gets spooked?

photo via

I love ghosts, real haunted houses and scary stories, so I had to check it out for myself.

Maxi dress via Express

I guess this place is a tourist attraction because there were so many people just hanging out (with cameras). Back in the day, old Hollywood movie stars would shoot their films and hang out here.

photo via bliss tree

Marilyn Monroe shooting Some Like It Hot.

I was a little disappointed with the inside of the hotel. It was a little smelly and the decor was less than desirable (very traditional and stuffy and needed to be refurbished) but I loved the outside of the hotel and the grounds! Simply beautiful!

Not sure what Dr. Seuss was doing in the courtyard but it was kinda cool to see.

And of course I loved the beach!

Unfortunately, I didn't see any ghosts! ; )

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Love Lucy

By Melanie

No, not the show, the clothing brand! Actually I saw a rerun once or twice and never really liked it. I thought it was an annoying show. But I'm a big fan of another Lucy, LUCY LOVE! I have so many of her dresses. As Heather said in yesterday's post, there was actually a sale at a boutique awhile back and I got them for a great price (my reason for buying so many of course ;)
I have to admit, I have a problem with buying the same brand or even the same dress in many colors. I'm like Elizabeth Hurley with Versace. But when you love it, why not!

I love the top part of this dress.

These dresses are great to wear with flip flops for a casual day or can be worn with heels to dress it up a bit.

Perfect to wear for a nice summer day!

My favorite maxi dress! I have a lavender one, you've seen this one a few times :) and in black too. Is it just me or do you like to buy many colors of one item too?

Don't you love Lucy Love?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Double Trouble

by Heather
Even though Melanie and I are 18 months apart, our mom use to dress us like twins. So in honor of mom, Mel and I thought it would be fun to take this silly photo of us wearing the same Lucy Love maxi dress. Melanie came upon a great sale and was gracious enough to buy me one too! It's super comfy and hugs all the right curves - thanks Mel!!

That's our little brother in the middle - isn't he adorable?!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Funday

By Melanie

This past weekend I went up to Heathers to have a fun day around Santa Monica. First stop was the farmers' market. What's cool about this one is that they have live music, food, shopping and little picnic areas on the grass to eat your food or just hang out. They also have valet parking for beach cruiser bikes!

And a petting zoo for the kiddies.

How cute is this Llama!

Now if you look closely at this photo you'll see a man on stilts dressed as a "tree".

He stands around the trees and then jumps out to startle people. Definitely a bit odd but interesting to see.

Lucy Love dress and Ray ban sunnies

I bought some flowers.

Heather bought some avocados.

Since we got there a little late in the day and they were closing soon, we walked down the street to La Grande Orange restaurant and grabbed a bite to eat.

Veggie tacos and veggie burgers. Delicious!

On our walk home we passed the Santa Monica city garden.

Now that's a big sunflower!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Give me a P...give me an A - R -T -Y !

I love these fun colorful tissue pom pom decorations. They are perfect party decor. I would love to have them at my wedding reception.
They are so festive yet elegant and stylish.
photo via Daisy Pink Cupcakes - Fabulous blog :)
They're even great for other parites too.
photo via brooke
Or just to jazz up a room. I love the pink/orange/green color scheme.
Although, the below are not pom poms, I love the festive tissue paper lanterns too.
photo via Green Wedding Shoes
These are so whimsical! I love it!
Hope everyone has a fun festive weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey Ray, Hey Jenny

I LOVE going to concerts and Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite venues. When I received an email notification that Ray LaMontagne and Jenny Lewis were playing at the bowl, I snatched up 2 tickets for me and Mel. The concert was Sunday July 12th. It was a beautiful night and all the stars were out -- Hollywood and celestial.
Jenny Lewis & Reese
Do you think Reese is a tad drunk??
Jenny and her band were dressed 70's hippie chic. This photo doesn't show it but when the overalls were pulled up onto her shoulders, she was sporting major cameltoe! Is toe the new cleavage?
Jessica and Justin
Unfortunately, Mel and I didn't actually see any celebs since our underfunded heiress status landed us seats here:
These seats actually weren't too bad, they were about halfway towards the front. Luckily, we had a huge flat screen right in front of us to catch all the details.
Jenny Lewis singing and playing piano
Mel and I
Enjoying a tasty grape beverage.
One of the best things about the Bowl is that they let you bring your own food and beverages.
People take their picnicking seriously here. The lady in front of us whipped out a cutting board, knife and loaf of bakery bread and made a sandwich!

Ray's enchanting, raspy voice live at the Bowl:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You're So Transparent

photo by Daniel*1977 via flickr

I absolutely love the look of lucite furniture. It's sleek, contemporary and perfect for small spaces (ie perfect for my apartment)!

photo via alibaba

Since I moved into my fiance's place about 2 years ago, I've been adding my feminine touch (bye bye bachelor pad!) and so far I've transformed the guest room and kitchen. I've also added splashes of femininity throughout the living room as well although it's still a work in progress :)

It's so much prettier now!

Some gorgeous lucite furniture that I would LOVE to add to the living room:

Such a stylish coffee table, don't you think? I love how there's room for magazines and books but it still looks neat and organized.

A fun and funky lucite cocktail table.

I love the legs on this table. So modern.

photos above from living etc
I'm not sure how comfortable a lucite chair is but just like shoes, style first, comfort second!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Into the gap.

Hey Everyone! It's Heather, Melanie's sister. I'm so excited to join Underfunded Heiress, hope you enjoy my posts.

(click on photos to enlarge)
Dress: Gap by Vena Cave
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Aldo Huesing
Handbag: Carla Mancini
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