Monday, July 13, 2009


photo via mischiefmanaged00 via flickr

Not really TGIM but I did have a much needed relaxing and fun weekend. I went up to LA to see my sister and had some great sister time. I feel totally rejuvanted!

So, since my weekend turned out to be pretty nice I'd like to start this week out with a smile and make today a happy Monday!

Some good news: I won another giveaway!!! A super cute summer dress from Anywhere But Here. Gosh, I've been so lucky lately. Well, in regards to some things anyway. When I saw that dress on her blog, I totally wanted it. It's so my style and I knew I had to have it! So maybe I won because of the power of positive thinking. Hmmm...I'll have to try that more often!

Thank you SO MUCH Anywhere But Here! Can't wait to wear it!

And little more good news:

My sister is joining Underfunded Hieress soon! Yay! She will be a great addition and I know you'll LOVE her! We'll be like the Hiltons sisters (ie heiresses) ...ONLY way better...except for the trust fund part (darn, because that probably is the best part)!
photo via the insider

Anyway, she has tons of experience in fashion. A total expert! Plus she just has a natural cool style that I've admired for years. She's my go to gal when I need advice on outfits, style and knowing when something is in or soooo last season or dare I say soooo OC (sorry Orange County, you know I love you-sorta). Can't wait!

Hope your Monday is a good one!


  1. yayy can't wait to have your sis on UF! pretty, pretty dress. glad you had a fun weekend! xo

  2. Like you, your sister is tres belle!

    Oh my email is on the sidebar of my blog - written out so spammers can't get me. Or you can just look here: foreverwanderlust "at" :)

  3. Ohhh congrats on winning and I can't WAIT to have your sister join our fun little world! Sisters are the best!

  4. I can't wait to meet your sis!

  5. New to your blog! It looks adorable can't wait to read more!

  6. oh I love the first two pics!!!


  7. Nothing like a sister act. Exciting!!

  8. Can't wait to meet your sis and glad you had a fun weekend with her! Can't wait to see the fashion tidbits and congrats on winning a fun new dress! :)


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