Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crisp, Clean and Cute

photo via peoples styles watch

White jeans are one of my favorite summer staples. I think they're stylish and sexy without looking like you are trying too hard.

photo via insider

I bought these last summer from Zara.
braided sandals via Aldo Shoes

I love that they make you look more curvy than you really are. I have more of a straight frame so it totally gives me bootie!


  1. Cute but I don't wear white pants for a reason: Stains!

  2. Love white jeans!! And you are HOT woman! XO

  3. You should try Paige Jeans...they have WHITE :)- Love the pics.

  4. You look gorgeous, and those white jeans are hot!

    I am not worried about stains, I think I am conscious I am wearing them and perhaps a little more careful.

    I love mine 7/8 length J-Brand

  5. I love white jeans I just need the courage to wear them. hehe! You look great in yours!

  6. Oh I just love the name of your site, saw it on Ocean Dreams, had to check you out.

    Just love the first set of photo's, really cool looking, your right about it looking good in an understated way.


  7. Love it! You're too gorgeous!

  8. You look fabulous!! Love the white and green!

  9. I love white jeans but I am always afraid of spilling on them. Oops! Lovely pics though.

  10. ...good for skinny days only!


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