Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ghosts at the Hotel Del Coronado

By Melanie

The second day of me and my honey's San Diego weekend trip a few months back was spent exploring Coronado Island. Years ago it was featured on an episode of Baywatch and ever since I've wanted to go.

Remember when they go to the "haunted" Hotel Del Coronado and one of the lifeguards gets spooked?

photo via

I love ghosts, real haunted houses and scary stories, so I had to check it out for myself.

Maxi dress via Express

I guess this place is a tourist attraction because there were so many people just hanging out (with cameras). Back in the day, old Hollywood movie stars would shoot their films and hang out here.

photo via bliss tree

Marilyn Monroe shooting Some Like It Hot.

I was a little disappointed with the inside of the hotel. It was a little smelly and the decor was less than desirable (very traditional and stuffy and needed to be refurbished) but I loved the outside of the hotel and the grounds! Simply beautiful!

Not sure what Dr. Seuss was doing in the courtyard but it was kinda cool to see.

And of course I loved the beach!

Unfortunately, I didn't see any ghosts! ; )


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :-)

  2. Totally agree! The inside leaves MUCH to be desired...but the courtyards and the views OMG perfect! A guy I was dating took me there and we got ice cream and sat outside for hours!

    Love your dress too! XO

  3. I'll have to go there with Tyler. Nice post sissy. :)

  4. it is such a gorgeous hotel...we were out there a few years ago for a wedding and had a blast!

  5. I looked quickly and thought you were at the grand floridian!


  6. If you like haunted places, did you check out the Whaley House while you were in San Diego? I went there on a field trip in grade school ... I don't remember being scared but it was kinda fun. :) I love the Hotel Del - like you, its the outside for me that holds all the charm.

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