Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey Ray, Hey Jenny

I LOVE going to concerts and Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite venues. When I received an email notification that Ray LaMontagne and Jenny Lewis were playing at the bowl, I snatched up 2 tickets for me and Mel. The concert was Sunday July 12th. It was a beautiful night and all the stars were out -- Hollywood and celestial.
Jenny Lewis & Reese
Do you think Reese is a tad drunk??
Jenny and her band were dressed 70's hippie chic. This photo doesn't show it but when the overalls were pulled up onto her shoulders, she was sporting major cameltoe! Is toe the new cleavage?
Jessica and Justin
Unfortunately, Mel and I didn't actually see any celebs since our underfunded heiress status landed us seats here:
These seats actually weren't too bad, they were about halfway towards the front. Luckily, we had a huge flat screen right in front of us to catch all the details.
Jenny Lewis singing and playing piano
Mel and I
Enjoying a tasty grape beverage.
One of the best things about the Bowl is that they let you bring your own food and beverages.
People take their picnicking seriously here. The lady in front of us whipped out a cutting board, knife and loaf of bakery bread and made a sandwich!

Ray's enchanting, raspy voice live at the Bowl:


  1. great pics, and it sounds like a wonderful time. Love that a lady brought a cutting board and knife to make sandwiches your not kidding about ppl taking it serioulsy.

  2. so fun, I actually went to a concert the other night too, need to post my pics as well.
    btw, I just posted a few fun giveaways, stop by!

  3. Looks like fun- Love your blog!


  4. I love the hollywood bowl. i would make a picnic basket.

  5. i cant believe they let you bring in your own wine! perfect. and i love jenny lewis. her and reese are def sloshed


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