Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Love Lucy

By Melanie

No, not the show, the clothing brand! Actually I saw a rerun once or twice and never really liked it. I thought it was an annoying show. But I'm a big fan of another Lucy, LUCY LOVE! I have so many of her dresses. As Heather said in yesterday's post, there was actually a sale at a boutique awhile back and I got them for a great price (my reason for buying so many of course ;)
I have to admit, I have a problem with buying the same brand or even the same dress in many colors. I'm like Elizabeth Hurley with Versace. But when you love it, why not!

I love the top part of this dress.

These dresses are great to wear with flip flops for a casual day or can be worn with heels to dress it up a bit.

Perfect to wear for a nice summer day!

My favorite maxi dress! I have a lavender one, you've seen this one a few times :) and in black too. Is it just me or do you like to buy many colors of one item too?

Don't you love Lucy Love?


  1. I'm all about wearing the same brand if you love it enough. All these dresses look gorgeous! I adore all the shades of blue :-)

  2. Those dresses all look great on you! I'm the same way with finding something i love and then buying it in a ton of colors!

  3. I buy all the same brands over and over-it they work, they work, why mess with it?!

    You look gorgeous in all the dresses!

  4. That maxi looks incredible on you! Love flower too!

  5. I love these dresses!

    if you find something that is perfect for you, why not get one in every color?!

  6. jersey dresses are so comfy


  7. What great dresses! They all look so great on you!

  8. I LOVE I Love Lucy! But the dresses are nice too :) I particularly love the first one :)

  9. Blues and Greens look amazing on you. These should definitely be your go-to colors, especially for dresses.

  10. I love the shot with the flower in your hair!


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