Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Funday

By Melanie

This past weekend I went up to Heathers to have a fun day around Santa Monica. First stop was the farmers' market. What's cool about this one is that they have live music, food, shopping and little picnic areas on the grass to eat your food or just hang out. They also have valet parking for beach cruiser bikes!

And a petting zoo for the kiddies.

How cute is this Llama!

Now if you look closely at this photo you'll see a man on stilts dressed as a "tree".

He stands around the trees and then jumps out to startle people. Definitely a bit odd but interesting to see.

Lucy Love dress and Ray ban sunnies

I bought some flowers.

Heather bought some avocados.

Since we got there a little late in the day and they were closing soon, we walked down the street to La Grande Orange restaurant and grabbed a bite to eat.

Veggie tacos and veggie burgers. Delicious!

On our walk home we passed the Santa Monica city garden.

Now that's a big sunflower!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. Love your hat and little brown dress, very chic!

  2. That Llama is adorable! So cute :)

  3. farmers markets are the best way to spend the weekend! i went to the melrose trading post flea market on sunday...highly recommended!

  4. I soooooo love a farmers market, there is one down the street from my apartment every saturday, love it!
    btw, check out my giveaways this week, poster print, books, vest, blah, blah, blah

  5. I love farmers markets too!! and you look stunning :)

  6. what a fun weekend. i have to make my way up from oc... : )btw, i have a shoe giveaway, come check it out!

  7. I love Santa Monica and Farmers Markets! How fun!

    I got your question, writing you back! I TOTALLY think you should go to my girl but details in the email love! XO

  8. looks like a relaxing, lazy day. so necessary.
    xx. Jenny

  9. I wish our Famer's Market were an event, instead of a function. We have the actual agricultural market in our town, for the state I believe. It is nice if you want to go buy 8 bushels of lima beans, but not so much if you just want to grab a handful for dinner. It looks as though you had a wonderful day there though. Yay you!


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