Monday, May 18, 2009

Laugher Makes the World Go Round

photo via rock the trend

This past weekend I went to see Kathy Griffin at the OC performance Arts Center. Wow, I had some major laughs. I think she's hilarious! But I can definitely understand that she is either a "love her" or "hate her" performer. Also, her performance can be a bit hard to follow for some. She goes off on tangents and jumps around in what she is talking about. I could see how that could be so annoying but I don't think so and I love her!

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Although, I am not a person who thinks its nice to make fun of people. Some celebrities I think are fair game. I mean, if you know your in the public eye and you continue to make a fool of yourself or do outrageous things (ie. Brittney, Paris, Housewives of whatever city), how can you be upset if someone is making jokes out of it? It's not malicious (usually) and all in good fun. And who else could get away with it but Kathy Griffin. The celebs still seem to talk to her so...

photo via the superficial
I really needed a good innocent laugh too. So the weekend was a success!

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Doesn't laughing feel so good and make you so happy?

photo via marie claire

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Let's extend the good times and have a happy laugh filled Monday!
Side note: Warning: if you did not see the Survivor finale yet do not continue reading.
Yay! Did you see who won....I love when good things happen to good people! He deserved it!!!


  1. There's nothing better than a HUGE, long laugh. It clears your mind completely! I like to laugh until I cry- happens often!

  2. she is hilarious...I love going to comedy shows!

    adorable post:)

  3. I love Kathy! So glad you got to see her!

  4. I am SO JEALOUS you got to see her omg!!! She is my favorite but I know what you mean about a love her or hate her kind of person. A lot of straight guys don't like her haha shocking!

    Laughter is the best medicine! I'm glad you had a good weekend doll! XO

  5. you are so lucky you got to see her! i think she is hilarious, but i am glad she isn't making fun of me. she could/would skewer me if i was worthy of her time. ahahhaha!

  6. I think Kathy's hilarious, would love to see her show.


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