Thursday, May 7, 2009


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I'm so excited! I've won a giveaway prize over at Gabby's blog gabby, she wrote. A gift certificate to Sephora. Wow, I can't wait to pick out a few lip glosses. Thank you!!!

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AND.......A few blog awards!

Given by Hannak066 at Through the Looking Glass. Her blog is fabulous! She always has great etsy finds too!

Given by Tamstyles at Get It Girl Style. She's so stylish and finds the BEST home decor and furniture. I love her fuchsia couch find.

AND last but not least....

A blog award from Kathleen at just a small town girl - YAY! Her blog is one of my new favorites.

She tagged me with "7 things I love".

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My 7:

1. Chocolate! How can anyone resist?

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2. Being active. Whether it's the traditional gym workout, yoga or running on the boardwalk, staying active and fit is so important to me. Best workout advice I've ever heard is from a kickboxing instructor who said "if you don't squeeze your bootie, no one else will!"

Plus, working out helps relieve stress and puts you in a great mood.

photo by Rodrigo Quinones via flickr

3. Farmers Market. I love going to the one on Main Street in Santa Monica. Great organic food, unique crafts and beautiful flowers.

photo by Malayala M via flickr

4. Traveling. I love seeing the world and visiting different cities, countries and cultures. Also, what's better than a relaxing stress free vacay!

photo by wiccked via flickr

5. Yummy cute cafes. I love going to lunch with my girlfriends, sister or bf. My favorite is Veggie Grill. This is the best vegetarian restaurant hands down. Even non-veg people love it.

photo via la splashes

6. California: the sunshine, the beach, the palm trees, summer dresses, flip flops, the laid back lifestyle.

photo via the consumerist via flickr

7. Family and friends.

I'm lucky enough to have a sister who is my best friend too. That's me at 1 1/2 years old reaching to take a peak of my new sister!

Ooh, can I add an eighth? I'm such a rebel (haha).
8. Lounging on Sunday morning with a frothy soy latte and perusing my favorite blogs and etsy sites. I just love looking at all the gorgeous and cool finds from the blogger world and all the fabulous art on etsy.

photo by Ahmed Rabea via flickr

Thank you for my awards and prize gals! (If I left any awards out, please let me know).
I bestow the kreativ blogger award to the following amazing blogs:

What's some of your loves?


  1. mmmmmm chocolate! Congrats on your awards :) and your sephora gift card!!! that's exciting.

  2. congratulations on your awards! please show us what you get at Sephora!

    Thank you for the kind words:) I love your list!

  3. you are amazing and you deserve all awards available! and i love your pics. you are FUN and happy, and that is FAB!!!

    and that crazy lip pic is killing me!

    and thank you for giving me an award. you are too kind. :)

  4. Totally love your blog...congrats on the Sephora gift card, that's a fabulous reward for your creative blogging! The chocolate just made my mouth water!

  5. YAY! I love your entire list, it's perfect!!
    I'm so glad you won Gabbys giveaway, yummm Sephora! I wanted to keep it hahaha! jk

    Thanks for the award sugar!! You're the best!

  6. hey girl..thanks for the shout out! your blog rocks!

  7. I would totally have the same list as you (though not in that order) and I would replace Family and Friends with WINE lol!

  8. congrats on the sephora ceritficate
    i like sephora, even though there is not one in the uk, but in france where i live half of the year.
    those choccys look yummy!
    fabulous blog! xx

  9. Thanks for the sweet shout out. Congrats on your awards and on the sephora gift certificate. Wahoo! I love your list... Xoxo!

  10. wow awesome prize!! and congrats on your awards. xo

  11. Congratz on your awards! love your blog!!


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