Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blank Canvas

I don't know exactly why but I LOVE an all white room. Maybe because it reminds me of a summer beach cottage (my dream) or maybe because it's just so alluring and pretty. I probably will never have an all white room because first, I am sure I would spill something and second my honey would never be into that (too girly) but one can dream...

I was perusing my favorite home decor site Living Etc and found some dreamy rooms that I would love to live in!

I love the splash of green.

Can't you just feel the breeze.

I just want to dive under the covers! I think this would be like sleeping on a cloud. Aaahhhhh.

Just a touch of pink!

So cozy! And I love the flowers and twig branches. It's all in the details.
I love this one especially the peace and heart pillows!

Peace Love and Happiness to all!


  1. I LOVE rooms like that - especially with a touch a pink! Unfortunately I would make a mess of it in no time!

  2. I love the look of all clean & elegant & airy.

    Send me the link to your wavy hair post!

  3. an all white room that is accessories correctly can be so elegant and comfy! i love those photos.

  4. i lovee those photos.
    lately i have been loving the all white with color accents scheme. my favorite image is the one with the white bed and peach headboard! gorgeous! :)

  5. white is so bright and clean and elegant! you have chosen some spectacular examples of white decor. just gorgeous!

  6. so fresh and so clean! I love all white with pops of color! These are all gorgeous rooms

  7. I love all white too! I have an all white bed and room and everyone thinks Im crazy but I just love how fresh and bright and clean it feels. Plus, any small touches-vases, photos, etc totally POP. Love it!! You picked such great rooms! Xo

  8. I myself am a color girl, but can truly appreciate the beauty of all these rooms, great decor is great decor, no matter the color...
    on that not, I am obsessed with orange right now!!!

    btw, check out my blog, have my first giveaway!!

  9. Gorgeous, lovely images... Love all the white.

  10. Pretty. I love white but I'd add a few more splashes of color. Plus, I'm prone to spilling!


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