Friday, May 1, 2009

Bridezilla Act 1, Scene 1

photo by compaiprojects via flickr

Just kidding, I'm not really Bridezilla.........yet!

I have to admit, I'm really not the type of girl who dreamt about her wedding day since she was a little girl. Not sure why. I love decor, design and celebration. But all that work, stress and money for 1 day seems exhausting. Ugh. Maybe if I had an abundance of funds (ie big fat budget), a wedding coordinator and lots of time, I would feel different. But even so, I think I prefer a small intimate wedding and celebration anyway.

photo by Cine Fanatico via flickr

Besides actually getting married of course, I am very excited about the dress! And I already found one! Since, my bf, oops, fiance (that seems so wierd to say) doesn't really read my blog, I think it's safe to post the dress.

There are so many beautiful dresses out there. But right when I saw this one, I knew it was the dress for me.

Mary L Couture Bias Cut Gown at Nordstrom

Simple, classic and a little sexy. Oh not to mention at a great price too! Nordstrom is the best! Although the puffy princess dresses are just gorgeous, it just wouldn't be appropriate for a casual beach wedding I'd like to have. Plus, this type of dress is so much more my style.

A few others that I like:

Claire Pettibone via the knot

So romantic. I love the soft lace.

J Crew

So simple but yet so pretty. J Crew has an amazing wedding section. Their bridesmaid dresses are fabulous too! So stylish and great selection of colors!

I'll be in San Diego for a little weekend getaway. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. it's are going to be a beautiful bride!

  2. Your dress is lovely and you are going to be a gorgeous bride. Do you know when the wedding will be or am I getting ahead of myself? :) I love that second lacey dress. I'm not engaged, but I saved the picture. Now I just have to hide it in some misleading folder on my desktop!
    Congratulations again!

  3. This is your blog-reading-Zilla wondering where that RING pic. is :-)
    The dress you chose is so you; even the pose... hair down for you ? ? ?
    Any idea when etc.? I know, it just happened, but!
    Have fun in SD; if you sense the presence of my ex, give him a little lesson on Love :-)~

  4. Great dresses - I'm leaning towards a grecian style myself. Definitely NOT strapless, it's too over done!

    Thanks for the tip on J Crew bridesmaid's dresses! As MOH for my bestie's wedding in New Zealand in Dec, I'm in charge of the bridesmaids dresss (who are all up here in Canada ) :)

  5. Those are all beautiful, but yours is amazing.

  6. omg i LOVE your choice! the top part is done beautifully.

  7. That dress you picked its stunning,it will look absolutely fantastic on you!! I can def picture it on the beach is a gorgeous intimate setting. Love it!


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