Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Momma Said

photo via fashion magazine

I should have listened to my Mom when she told me to SAVE SAVE SAVE. I know this is an unfortunate time with the horrible economy, mortgage crisis, job losses and so forth but if you have the dough, 2009/2010 is a great time to buy a home.
Unfortunately, I wasted my money away on shopping, shopping, shopping and I don't even know what and now my favorite home in the neighborhood is on the market. Darn!!! It's actually my second favorite home next to my first love (Barbie's dream home) seen in a blog post here.

It's a block away from me, on the corner, one block up from the beach. Soooo cute. I love the style of it and how they have decorated the outside with the white and yellow paint, all the gorgeous flowers and greenery AND a white picket fence. It keeps getting better and better.

Side view. It's ONLY 1156 sq feet. NOT that big. I guess you're paying for location, location, location.

Unfortunately for me, the asking price is $1,125,000. *tears*. Yeah, that's million. I thought home prices were dropping? I guess the beach doesn't count.

I love that bay window. This home is definitely for someone who appreciates design, craftsmanship and the beauty of flowers and greenery. This house is perfect for me!

LOVE the french doors.
Straight outside that window and down one block is the beach. They say it has an ocean view. Hmmm...maybe more like a glimpse. I stood on the corner of the sidewalk right there and could hardly see the ocean. Maybe a better view from the upstairs.

Ugh. Living in So Cal, I will never be able to afford a home, especially in a beach community, where I MUST live. If only I were an funded heiress. *sigh
Well, even if I had the funds, the price is just too high in this market. Hey, but if it ever drops to 1/4th the price (yeah right), I'll jump at the chance to put an offer in ;p


  1. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. i love this place. i wish it was $250 and that all the killer homes in my neighborhood (los feliz) were only $125. it is so depressing!!!!

  2. its beautiful but 1million???? wow...i am sure your will find something when the time is right. it always happens when its suppose to. trust me.

  3. The place is really a perfect home!!
    If I had a spare 1 million (which I unfortunately don't) I would get you the house.

    (I adore the piggy bank!!!!)

  4. That house is beautiful :(
    Pity its still so expensive!

  5. what a cute house! and i think we could be neighbors....

  6. i feel your pain. the hotspots of california have been holding their value. that home is adorable!

  7. Oh my gosh....

    THAT HOUSE!!! I loooooooove that house!!!!! Ok it's getting weird living in the same town... trader joes... the beach... now this? I'm officially insisting we be friends hahaha.

    Im so madly in love with this house it's not even funny. It's pure perfection. Every single detail, is heaven to me. You have brilliant taste. I wish I had the money too. It's silly because ifyou go back like 2 miles from the beach in HB, the house prices are dropping like crazy. But at the beach or in a block or two radius... no chance. It breaks my heart!!

    Ugh, I love that house. haha <3


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