Monday, March 30, 2009

Boho Chic

photo via saks 5th avenue

(click on the photo to see a close up)
I love the bohemian style when it's not too hippie (meaning birkenstocks -ugly). I would describe the stlye that I like as Boho chic with a dash of glam. Not too much fuss but you still look "put together". It's hip, stylish and carefree. Sexy without trying to hard.

My favorite look from the photo above.

dress by millie via saks 5th avenue

platform sandals by Chie Mihara at saks 5th avenue

I love these shoes!

A new trend in the bohemian style that I've been spotting is the headband.

photo via black book magazine

photo via total beauty

Even though I dislike The Hills and everyone on it, Lauren Conrad has really stepped up her fashion sense and is looking so pretty. I'm loving her style.

The ultimate BOHO Gal

photo via dress like starz

photo via us magazine

photo via ivillage

Nichole Richie is one of my favorite bohemian gals. She's made such progress after ditching her "Paris" lifestyle.


  1. I like the headbands, but I don't think they suit me. I tried, but I look like I am about to go to a gym in the 80's, hehehe.

    I only noticed your comment on my other post about Illustrator just then, oops! Yes, I use Illustrator. I draw my pictures on paper and then scan them into photoshop and color them, or I draw them directly into Illustrator with the Wacom Pen Tablet. Life is so much easier since my husband bought it for me - it's so much better than a mouse!

  2. I love the dress and shoes that you pretty and perfect for spring!

  3. great pics girls...i love that style for sure...i thought about getting a headband for my fun curly afro days!

  4. love boho and nikki richie! all time favs.

  5. boho has been around a while, and i think it is here to stay. yay! but i can't get around the headband thing. i know i would look like a tool in it, unlike the ladies in your post!

  6. nicole is the poster child for bohemian chic. Love it :-)

  7. I love the headband, I am thinking I will have to give in soon to that trend :)

    Also yes that is my art in the ad, I still have not got a copy of it so I cannot wait to see. Did you see it online or in a mailer? Either way yay!

    Have a great week.

  8. i wish i could pull off headbands like that

  9. Those shoes are to die for. Wonderful style but I so do not like the headbands. Maybe with some bell bottoms?

    And this is perfect as it's the Under the Sheets-Shhh 100th post anniversary. Yeah!

  10. I'm definitely feeling the headband craze... and boho chic style always had, to me, such an airy and effortless appeal.

    Love it.


  11. I love the boho look, especially everything Nicole wears!!
    if only i could look good in the headbands!! xx

  12. Such a cute look. I love the braid trend too!

  13. Its a cute look, I love how it just seems like its all thrown on without thinking. Nicole is the best example. I think she goes all the way but people like Kate Hudson, have a touch of it sometimes and I like that too.

    I love how Nicole has really come into her own woman after the whole Paris thing. She found her place, her style, and she really is gorgeous!!

    I love the dress and shoes you posted. I like how the headband works, but I just cannot pull it off!! I think if someone feels uncomfortable then it shows, and someone like me, I'd be worried it's rubbing my makeup, or I'd get irritated with something just around my head. Haha. Im strange. But I DO like the look and when others can pull it off! <3

  14. Nice fashion. bohemian style . Loving this fashion and the boot is wonderful as bohemian fashion, you are absolutely right. It will attract everyone. So much beautiful mini skirt.



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