Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I think I've had my fill of Vegas for awhile. Twice already this year and it's only April! That's a lot for me. Some people love it and can't get enough. Me...not so much. I don't really gamble (although I would like to try black jack) and I am not much of a club person/drinker so...Oh and I HATE the SMOKE! But I do like to dress up and relax by the pool so......

In the garden inside the Encore hotel.

This seemed like such a long trip and we were only there for a 1 1/2 days! I think it's because we drove. The drive there is no problem, easy and only 4 1/2 hours. It's the drive back that's tough. Not only were we tired but we hit A LOT of traffic (lot's of people coming home and accidents). It took over 7 1/2 hours to get home. It was torture!! I don't think I will drive again unless I am going for longer that 2 days. My sister drove most of the way. Lucky me!

Me and my sister.

We stayed at the Encore Hotel which is the new hotel owned by Wynn (and next to the Wynn). Really beautiful hotel. I could see how some people wouldn't like it though - so girly. But I loved it!

Girls night out!

I love how the glass on the wall is broken looking and the butterflies.

More butterflies on the floor. So cool!

Love the lamp.

I guess it's a butterfly theme.

This is interesting.

Vintage phone by the elevators on our floor.
So much bigger than my cell ;)

At night club XS inside Encore. The best night club that I've been to in Las Vegas. It was half inside and half outside by the pool. Amazing decor and great vibe (for Vegas anyway).

Although on my last trip to Vegas (here) I LOVED the glittery glam of the Planet Hollywood hotel, I really liked Encore too. It had a completely different vibe: less flash, more upscale, which was nice. And it was sooo pretty. But the best part was that it was NOT smoke filled. Yeah!


  1. I was curious how this place looked, I'm going in June (first time!).

    Your look is very Vegas without being trashy, well played!!

  2. Your dress is incredible!!
    Totally stunning, hope you had a fabulous time x

  3. I love look so pretty!

  4. Hey! You have an award on my blog!

  5. you guys look so beautiful and like you are having fun. yay!

    i am not much for vegas, as i am not a good gambler and i don't smoke. the smoking thing is outta control there! but it is a fun trip every few years or so. :)

  6. Fun time! But I'm done with Vegas for awhile too.

  7. Thanks for the support. I am sure I will be fine (identity wise). By the way -- you look way too adorable for Vegas! I'm lovin the whole look. I need to go back. So much fun!

  8. Fun! I just did a Vegas post! The Encore was my pretty. You look amazing lovebug!

  9. I love those butterflys on the floor- those are so neat! Daisy~

  10. you look gorgeous! Looks like you guys had an amazing time :-)

  11. totally fun. gal pals and i are just talking about a vegas trip before the temp is too hot.

  12. so fabulous! Your pink dress is rockin'!!!!

  13. you all look so HOT! and I love the look of the hotel, lots of color!


  14. Ok.... Im trying to hold in my adoration of that insanely amazing dress and shoes you are wearing, I must know details!! I have fallen in love with them hahah.

    Like you, Im not much of a drinker or a gambler. I like to go for the dressing up and the hotels, and maybe catching a show, and the shopping is to die for. Any reason to put on a gorgeous dress and get all dolled up is fun for me. But I can't stay long. The last time I went, sheesh I think I went 4 1/2 days... too much tooo too much for me. A weekend, 2 days, maybe three. But when you're hitting 5 you're just completely burnt out! But your trip looks so fun.

    You look like Gisele from Victoria's Secret? Seriously... you do.


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