Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dream Hair Part 2

photo via people magazine

You know how many people/bloggers are obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashely's style..well, I'm obsessed with Gisele's hair!

I am intrigued by and in awe of how gorgeous her locks are and how effortless the style looks.

photo via people style watch

photo via wave magazine

photo via

The above photo is my favorite. What is her secret!!

Ode to Gisele Hair

Imitation is the finest form of flattery, right? Well, mine's not exactly imitation but...I try my best.

So........ in my quest for Gisele hair, I've been perusing the best hair site ever: Hair Boutique!

They offer so much information regarding anything and everything about hair. They have the scoop on which foods and vitamins make your hair soft and silky as well as how to extend your natural hair growth cycle. This site reveals all the secrets that will make your hair just plain gorgeous!


  1. Gisele is amazing and your hair will look a lot like her in his melena.xoxo

  2. Gisele is amazing and your hair will look a lot like her in his melena.xoxo

  3. her hair is GORGEOUS, and so is her face, and so is her bod. dang, she is such a beauty. AND YOU ARE TOO!!!

  4. Good job! The curls in your hair looks great! :D

    And Gisele is really beautiful, but she probably had a hair dresser fiddling around her hair for hours before the shoot ;)

  5. I know...she has the BEST hair! You do a really good even nailed the color!

  6. your hair looks pretty snazzy too! when i had long hair, i would curl the latter part of my hair with 1.5 inch curling iron in the morning. And couple bunches on top and just shake loose.

  7. Gisele does have gorgeous hair- Yours looks great too!

  8. why, oh why, can't I have hair like yours?? *sigh* :-)

  9. I call that kind of hair 'princess hair'. It's sooo pretty! Yours looks fantastic!

  10. she is an alien, gorgeous!
    you look like you could be her sister;-)
    did you see the new vanity fair mag, I just posted pics on my blog...
    the pic of her in the silver dress, DIE!!!!!


  11. btw, here is her secret
    he is amazing!!


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