Saturday, April 11, 2009

3 Day Weekends Rule

photo by antonis shen via flickr

Thanks to Easter I had Friday off of work. It was so nice!

Easter always reminds me of girly pastel colored dresses and hats. Growing up my mom would put me and my sister in the cutest Easter outfits. Actually every holiday we had fun ruffly dresses.

My mom also liked to dress us as twins.

Unfortunately, this weekend won't be all fun. I procrastinated and I have to do my taxes still. Eeek!

photo by wade via flickr

I know I'll feel like this afterwards.

photo by simon pais-thomas via flickr

Hopefully it won't take too long and I can have some fun....

photo by brian auer via flickr

And relaxation!

photo via living etc.

To all that are celebrating Easter: Happy Easter and everyone else have a wonderful weekend!


  1. have a great easter, darling! I wish I had a fancy hat like that to wear--love it :-)

  2. haha hope you get your taxes done soon! Hope you had a good Easter! :D

  3. Have a good Easter, hope you don't feel to exhausted afterwards. love all the pictures!

  4. hope your weekend has been fab and that you get a HUGE tax refund!

    if you like easter hats and such, there is a crazy story in the sunday la times image section w/hats.

  5. Hello thank you for your comment,melena is long hair.xoxo

  6. I hope you ended up having a wonderful weekend and got your taxes done!!
    Such a cute picture of you and your sister!!
    i adore the colours that come out at easter and spring time, they are always so pretty!!
    Have a fabulous week doll xx


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