Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

photo by celikin via flickr

Today is Earth Day! Well, at least a few more hours on the West Coast. I meant to post earlier but forgot to set it and had to run a few errands after work. We can make it Earth Week right?!

Today, I tried to do my best to REUSE, REDUCE & RECYLCE.

If we don't take care of our home, one day we won't be able to do this:

photo by tripu via flickr

photo by Ron J. Carney via flickr

Relax and have fun at the park and beach!
photo by ronsho via flickr
Enjoy clean water and air.

photo by DaDa Ace via flickr
Photo by gregory Bastien via flickr

Have seasons! Even though in California we don't get "real" seasons (yet it does get pretty cool in the winter) I want to know that I can go to Ohio (where I grew up) and there will still be seasons!
Walking to the farmers market to buy some flowers.

photo by wilson46201 via flickr

And of course share our earth with some adorable polar bears!

Every little thing you do to help the earth makes a difference! Be a part of the solution not the problem :)


  1. do you have a living etc subscription? man i love that mag! its hard to know when it hits the stands but i love it.

  2. yes..the issue is fab as always..i would like real living..that one is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just great...but costs just to much and to get them shipped from ebay is like 65 for 5 magazine...I think not.

  3. we don't have seasons here in Egypt either! or maybe just two; warm-ish winters and summers

  4. Wonderful pictures and you are totally right about needing to take care of the earth. Now hold on while I change my dishing washer to water saver. Thank you Underfunded Heiress.

  5. You always find the most gorgeous photographs. I wanted to do a blog like this, but I ended up posting my Earth day blog late too, Im glad you did it!! People think one person can't make a difference, but we can, ANYTHING helps. Lets work towards a BRIGHTER future not a darker on!! ;)
    Loved this so much!

  6. I love these photographs, they are so gorgeous!!

  7. I agree with you that we have concenciar more and more to protect the planet for that tomorrow our children and grandchildren have a good life.

  8. LOVE this post!

    "walking to the farmers market to buy some flowers"

    perfect afternoon! xoxo

  9. agreed!! Hope you have a great friday, darling :-)

  10. have a great weekend. And, what a cute little bear, so sweet.

  11. Great photos, I especially love the one with the beach cruisers!

  12. save the urth!!!! and love that polar bear shot. yay!

  13. Every time I see a picture of a polar bear, I get so sad! Glad you're helping spread the word :)

  14. Great photos! Gooooo green!

    We're overdue for some crepes and flowers from the Farmer's Market!


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