Saturday, April 25, 2009


photo by exdigecko via flickr

When I'm feeling down, a little ice cream always makes me feel better! I had a laser treatment on my ankle on Thursday to remove my birthmark. Third treatment and it doesn't look much better than when I started. For years I have felt self-conscious about it when I wear a skirt and shorts so I decided to finally get it removed. I am hoping the laser treatment works. We'll see...I think a little ice cream will uplift my mood :)

photo by ~Devil's Angel via flickr

Even though I LOVE Pinkberry, actually my favorite is Red Mango (I'm a frozen yogurt conisseur), nothing beats an old-fashioned ice cream cone!

photo by toriloveskitty via flickr

photo by just4pics via flickr

At my favorite ice cream shop in Ohio last summer. Honey Hut has the absolute best ice cream!

Have a SWEET Saturday!


  1. YUM. ice cream will be happening at my house this weekend. countdown to yumminess.

    hope your weekend is fab!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and posting great comments!
    Love your blog..I am adding it to my blogroll!
    You to have a sweet weekend!

  3. HAHA! I had ice cream for breakfast as I was emailing you this morning! So funny! xo

  4. aww! don't feel down because of the laser treatment, just give it time...
    try bio oil, really works well
    Have a great sunday!


    btw, I am going to post a fun book giveaway mid week, so look for it!

  5. I hope you're feeling better!

  6. icecream is definitely the cure for any mood! i hope you feel better! and ok you look amazing hot in your glamour shot!

  7. This is making me hungry!

    My favorite yogurt has to be TCBY, though I haven't seen it around for years. As for ice cream? Ben and Jerry's - hands down.

  8. adorable blog. you find great photos!

  9. good luck with the treatments, darling! I'm off to get some ice cream now :-)

  10. I'm craving some chocolate chocolate chip from Honey Hut right now!

    "We got the good ice cream!"

  11. yumz i might have to go to yogurtland today!

  12. Yum, you've put me in the mood for some ice cream...

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