Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer Goals

photo by Maureen Sill via flickr

1. Learn more graphic design programs.

photo by nhom_toi

2. yoga

photo via myyogaonline

I've been going 1 -2x per week for the last year or so at Yoga Works. I'd like to go more and get better. I love yoga. It feels amazing and gives you a great yoga bootie :)

3. Travel
by simple moth via flickr

As you know I am just dying to go to Greece (Athens, Mykonos and Santorini) this summer. Saving.....

4. Kayaking

photo by rgruian via flickr

I've been wanting to try this for soooo long. Maybe this weekend. It's suppose to be 80 degrees. Yay!

5. Hike

This photo is from a hike from last summer at El Moro canyon (Crystal Cove - Newport Beach). Gorgeous views.

6. Cook

I need to make dinner for my honey way more often. BTW the above photo is a veggie burger (I'm a vegetarian).

Hmmm.. a veggie cake? I love veggies but not as a cake. Maybe that's just a dip for the veggies.

Food photos from Allure Magazine

7. Read

photo by Dawn Endico vFont sizeia flickr

I love to read business, marketing and finance books. And just because it's a must for the summer, I'll throw in a fun read too. Last year I read Eat Love Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert. Great book! I recommend it!

8. Have fun!

Sally Field as Gidget: photo via fifties web

Anyone remember that show Gidget? I know, it super old school. I think it's a show from the 70's or maybe even the 60's. if you are under 30 or at least under 25 you won't know what I am talking about. I never saw the originals of course but I remember watching reruns on Nick at Nite as a kid. It was such a fun show. Sally Field was adorable too!


  1. This is a perfect summer goal list!
    I adore everything on it.
    I definitely want to continue with yoga, hike, travel, read and have fun!
    So perfect and great pics! xxx

  2. that definitely could be sour cream dip for veggies. my favorite non-meat meal is portobello burgers!! just throw on a slice of provolone cheese and you're set.

  3. such a perfect summer list! I always loved Gidget on nick at nite too!!

  4. everything looks super except for that barfaroni cake!!!

    and yoga gives ya a good bootie?!!? hmmmm. maybe i need to do that!

  5. those are some pretty good goals - and do-able too! good luck!!

  6. I adore your Summer list of goals.
    The picture from your hike is absolutely gorgeous I love that spot. You know, when I was ath the Irvine Barnes & Noble I found an awesome little book about Hiking in Orange County. And I found out hiking spots I didn't know about!! It was awesome. The book is handy because it tells you were this is, what kind of hike it is, how long it is, etc. It's such a handy book!!

    I've be aching to go to Greece, it looks so insanely gorgeous the water and the building, oh my gosh. Heaven!

    I'm a Vegetarian too, are you looking to make your own Veggie Burger patties? Because I know some companies that make some good ones, Im so picky about a veggie burger haha I think Ive tried them all. If you find a homemade great veggie burger recipe-- please please pass it on - talk about yummy!! haha I couldnt believe that picture was a veggie burger!!! So amazing.

    I miss Yoga. I need to get back into it. I miss going ot a class and having the full experience. I was silly and though - oh I can do this at home! But its def not the same, its like you dont push yourself the same, and home distracts you, you dont find that inner peace when you go to a class. :)

    I love "East Love Pray" such a good book!! Im a sucker for books, I think that will be the main thing I do for summer. I love reading at the beach... the pool... anywhere. Haha

    Ok I think I left you a NOVEL of a comment, I talk far too much, but I really loved this

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