Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why spring makes me smile

By Melanie

As I walked back to the office from my lunch hour yesterday, along the pathway was a landscaper cutting the grass and digging into the dirt to plant a few trees. I could smell the just cut grass and it made me yearn for freshness that spring brings. Spring is definitely in the air and I'm so excited it's here.
Although summer is my favorite season, spring is a close second.

Some of my favorite things about Spring:
1. The pretty flowers are blooming.

2. The pastels and bright colors of fashion!


6. The fresh veges and fruit at the farmer's market.

4. It's a teaser for summer. Here in California, you even get a few beach/pool days.
I know I'm a bit spoiled in regards to weather living in Southern California but I do still appreciate the small changes in season that we have here.
What do you like about spring?


  1. I love spring just because everything is soo green! I didn't even really notice it until yesterday that the trees, grass, flowers, and everything are just so fresh and pretty.

  2. Obsessed with that second picture!

  3. ooh i love the first few pictures :)

  4. pretty bright dress... and i love that its so long


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