Tuesday, April 6, 2010


By Melanie

source: lacouturiernyc.wordpress.com

I may be getting ahead of myself but I've already been perusing the internet for bikinis for the summer. I justify this becasue I live in Southern Cal where summer really begins in the middle of Spring time (well at least a few beach days) so it's a must to have plenty of suits awaiting in your dresser drawer. This season I am craving a little ruffle bikini. It would be perfect for my Mexico vacation/wedding in May too.
Can't decide on the right amount of ruffle though.
Just a little ruffle.

source: www.luckymagazine.com (via saks fifth avenue)
A good amount of ruffle.

source: whisty.wordpress

A lot of ruffle.

source: thisnext.com (via juicy couture)

Hmm...this one is cute but is it too little girlish? I think I like the second one best. I think I saw it in the Victoria's Secret catalog recently.
Do you like the ruffle bikinis?


  1. I do like the ruffles, particularly on the top... helps give my tiny ta-tas a little boost! :)
    xoxo J

  2. I love the ruffles, especially the purple bikini!

  3. Oh yes! Lot's of ruffles! So adorable, the pink one is to die for!


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