Friday, April 23, 2010

Love Song

By Melanie


I'm on a fierce mission this weekend to cross off all my to do's on my wedding list. I only have a few more weeks (wow!) so I need to wrap everything up.

The wedding song list has been a tough one. Luckily my sister has great taste and has put together an awesome play list for the DJ. I still need my fiance to add songs and give his okay though. Oh btw, I've been calling him "fiance" every chance I get now since the window of opportunity to do so is closing! The last year I've been calling him boyfriend too often!


I'm walking down the aisle to Crazy Love by Van Morrison. It's so beautiful! I couldn't find a video to post but you can listen to part of it here.

Don't you love it? Do you have a favorite bride entrance song?

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