Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gotta Have It: Mom Jeans?!

by Heather
Marc Jacobs has perfected the triple denim threat: high-waisted, front pleats, and tapered leg. Mom jeans have made a come-back. I'm not feeling it. Are you? It's just not flattering... on anyone.
Via Marc Jacobs runway.
Jessica and Mischa - multiple offenders.
Kelly Brook.
Mischa, again.
Via Frassy blog.
Frassy again. Love her blog! She has great style despite her admiration of mom jeans.

Actual moms.
SNL famous mom jean skit. The "9 inch zipper"!


  1. This is hilarious! No to mom jeans for me!!!

    Your sis.

  2. Just say no as far as I'm concerned... Fit before fashion - always!!!

  3. HATE IT. that yard-long crotch thing is just lame.

  4. Um...not so much!!! I love Marc to death...but those jeans have GOT to go :)-

  5. love MJ but this is not for me.

  6. Brrrr... I had to wear such jeans during a sad time when I had no money to buy different ones... apart from the looks, I find them incredibly uncomfortable.


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