Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer is NOT over...yet

By Melanie

photo via Metroplitan Home

I went shopping the other day at Forever 21 to look for some fun summer outfits and to my surprise FALL is already out in the store! I know that it is almost fall so it's completely appropriate but for So Cal girls summer lasts much longer. We need clothes available that would be perfect for the transition season here. I just can't leap from tank tops to sweaters so quickly.

My idea of a "Not Summer but not yet Fall" outfit.

photo via

Isn't it the perfect transition dress? This could be worn with sandals or boots.

Do you have an outfit you love for those not quite the next season yet?

BTW, I am actually in town, I had to postpone my Puerto Vallarta vacation. *sigh* But when I do go, I'll definately share my photos and blog about my Evening Mexico Outfit (part two of the daytime/evening Mexico attire).

Hope you enjoy the beautiful weekend!


  1. Oehwww i love that outfit!

    One Love,

  2. That is a great transition dress, I dont deal well with transition =(

  3. that is such a pretty would look awesome with brown boots for fall too!

    sorry you didn't make your trip, but I'm sure it will be fun when you do!

  4. sorry about your vacation. and i agree it is a perfect dress and in the fall, just throw on a thin leather jacket and a gal is done.

  5. Good find sis! Very pretty dress and perfect all year round in so-cal.

    It's such a bummer about your trip but I'm excited you're coming to Vegas with me tomorrow! Can I get a whoo-hoo! ;)

  6. Perfect transition for Fall...I know what you mean, us Cali girls are still HOT haha.

    Sorry about your trip hun!

  7. Hmm... I deffo need to do some fall shopping, I have basically all summer clothes except for my mass collection of jeans!

    I'd wear that dress with sandals, depending on where I was going, but more likely I'd wear heels.

  8. I love that dress. Hope you've had a good weekend. Cheers!


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