Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If only I was a Hilton, instead of a Budget Inn...

by Heather
If I wasn't so underfunded I'd prance about town and sip martinis in this newly purchased ensemble:

Jimmy Choo Jazz Leopard-print pumps. The elegance of pumps with the wild print is my perfect style.

Halston's blue suede stud cuff. I do love jewelry ;)

Theory denim dress with jersey bodice panels (via Shopbop.com)
Stella McCartney zebra-print clutch.

Marc by Marc Jacob's double breasted Blazer (via Shopbop.com).

What designers would be in your closet if you were an heiress?

P.S. As promised, denim cut-off lookbook coming soon; I've been feeling under the weather and haven't had a chance to shoot it yet.


  1. I love that Theory dress!!! So perfect!

    I'd have loubies after loubies after loubies...haha

  2. I always wish my fund were larger for shopping...

  3. all of this stuff is so perfect!

    I would be loubed and chaneled out!

  4. budget inn!!! i am a motel 6 and trying to look pass for a ramada inn! ahhaha.

    well, at least we know we have good taste, and hopefully the money will come along eventually. :)

  5. I don't really have any designer preferences... maybe Isaac Mizrahi cause I am a bit weird. But I do know that ensemble you put together is awesome, and if I were an heiress I would own a freaking ton of great jeans, twirl skirts and flat shoes.

  6. HAHA, I love that "If only I was a Hilton, instead of a Budget Inn" .. very witty, I laughed out loud =)

  7. Ahhhhhhh, those Jimmy Choos are incredible! I too often lust after champagne instead of beer!


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