Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Accessorize Your Work Space

By Melanie

I think one's surroundings and environment have a major impact on productivity. This is the primary reason that a clean, organized and aesthetically appealing work space is so important.

My favorite color palette for an office is white with a splash of color.

source: www.decorpad.com

Don't you love the crispness of the white color and the clean sleek lines of the desk? I could get so much work done in that office!

Although a desk that's practical is top priority, style should not suffer! My space needs to be useful and pretty. Why settle for anything less?

source: www.livingetc.com

To add functionality to my desk, I bought a magazine holder. It was a little plain so I decided to accessorize it. DIY time!
source: www.seejanework.com

I bought the pink simple holder above from Ikea and then accessorized it with flowers from forever 21.

A great way to turn something plain into something stylish!

Do you think an organized and aesthetically pleasing work space is important?


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