Monday, July 12, 2010

The Invitation

By Melanie

I designed my own wedding invitation. Since I've been taking graphic design classes and I love to design I decided it would be best to create my own.

Since we were having a destination wedding on the beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico, I wanted a beach themed wedding.

My colors were light blue, fuchsia and tan. I decided to incorporate a photo from our engagement photo shoot session into the invitation.

I learned so much designing my own wedding invite. Not only from a design perspective (type of design and look, font selection, spacing, paper selection, printing, etc.) but also about all of the details that wedding invites entail specifically word choice and what is included in a wedding invite suite. So many rules. It was quite fun but pretty time consuming. But now I'm a pro and I definitely would love to design more in the future (not my own of course!).

The final product.

I added a raffia bow on the invite to give it an extra beachy feel.

(Please don't mind that I blurred out all the personal details)
Above are the RSVP and travel coordination information cards. For eco-friendly purposes, convenience and fun, I set up a wedding website for the guests to RSVP. I used I customized it a lot and I think it turned out really nice. It was perfect for a destination wedding because it gave the guests a lot of information as well as created a story about us as a couple.


I never realized how particular an envelope needs to be. For weddings, it's very important to utilize high quality paper and envelopes that have lining. I chose a tan color and I added a pretty shimmer tan bow around the outside of the inside envelope which contained the invitation. For the outside envelope, I added a stamp enclosure of a shell. I think it gave it a really nice touch.

Doesn't that look so cute?
Lastly, I added a wedding stamp of two wedding rings.

An important last detail is to make sure you get the wedding invitations hand stamped at the post office. You don't want all your hard work to be ruined by it arriving dirty and covered in post office markings.

The invitation is the first glimpse into the type of wedding you are having and a representation of you as a couple. I can't stress enough how important presentation is to your wedding. Sure, I am the first to say that you definitely don't need to follow all the rules (we didn't during our ceremony and reception) but make sure it looks beautiful starting with the invite.


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