Friday, July 9, 2010

My So Called Life.....pretty good

By Melaniesource:

This week has been interesting. I say interesting because it contained both good and bad occurances, depending on which way you look at it and view life.

Bad - for the Clevelanders - LeBron James says adios to Cleveland and leaves a city in tears. The Cleve loved LeBron. Even though I'm not into sports, it's my hometown so I have to represent :)

Good and Bad - Whitney from The City toughens up but looses a friend....maybe?

Both good and bad -Disappointing situation occurs. Although it may be good in the future.

Good -Maybe some new opportunities on the horizon.

Good -I stumbled upon a new blog called Modite. A great career, lifestyle and inspiration blog.

Good - I made some rockin' lasagna the other day with my new yellow baking dish.

I think this weekend will be GOOD! Cuz why the heck not, right?


  1. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  2. I like your attitude... totally approaching things the right way!



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