Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Perfect Dress For 2009

I am looking for a cute dress to wear for New Year's Eve. Last year I wore the gold dress below. I LOVE this dress, especially the gold shimmer color! I really really would like to wear it again but since that's a no no, I found some other cute dresses that would be perfect to ring in the new year.

Below dresses via

I think the black tights look cool with the pink dresses. Gives it a bit of an edge instead of super girly. But I like super girly too so maybe I would wear it without the tights. Hmmm.....

I think this sexy black bootie would look hot!

photo via


  1. The hot pink strapless dress is my pick for you! What will you be doing?

  2. Hello, My personal opinion if it means anything!
    You look great no matter what you wear, but my #1 pick is the third one down. Yes, they all are nice.
    Second pick would be the red one thats nice for the new year.
    And the boots right on!!
    Happy New Year to you,
    Enjoy, Chuck


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