Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter Wonderland

For Christmas I went back to Ohio to visit my family. Months ago I found this suitcase tag and just had to buy it! Oh, life as an underfunded heiress ;p

I was hoping for a beautiful white Christmas but instead it rained and was around 50 degrees. I think it may have been colder in Cali!

photo by Kevsunblush via flickr

photo by Grant MacDonald via flickr

photo by Tamaki via flickr

photo by Timothy K. Hamilton via flickr

photo by CaptPiper via flickr
Although I missed out on making snow angels, I still had a very nice and relaxing time. I love going back and seeing my family. I wish they all lived here.
No Christmas tree but we did have a snowman that lit up :)

My Mom
My friend Jennifer who I met in 3rd grade!

Grandma - she's so stylin!

I am almost embarrassed to admit that much of my visit was spent sleeping in until noon, watching marathon holiday movies and eating JUNK FOOD! Ohio will do that to you. I felt like a bear in hibernation. I blame it on the weather! On the way from the airport to my mom's house (that's right, I didn't even wait until I got home and unpacked) we stopped at Jack Frost donuts. These are the absolutely BEST donuts ever! They are soooo delicous and fresh. Yummmm.

I love the holidays!!!


  1. Please put an attribution next to my photo (colored snow posts), as required by my Creative Commons license.
    It should read "Photo by Timothy K. Hamilton"
    Thank you, and thanks for using my photo.
    In addition, flickr has a rule that there should be a link from the photo itself back to the original webpage of the photo on flickr.

  2. Hi Timothy,

    Sorry about that. I am new to blogging ;)

    Your a great photographer. Love that picture!

  3. Ha! That luggage tag is so fitting. Grandma looks adorable ... her grandchildren must take after her. ;-) And now I'm drooling over Jack Frost doughnuts!

    I WILL be home for the holidays next year. *sigh*

  4. Jack Frost Donuts: my Mom used to take my Sisters and I almost every Sunday after p.m. church to get JF Donuts while growing up. Nothing better. Do you love the glazed? How about that- New Years in SD... :-)/:-( !
    I am glad you rested and treated yourself to some no-no's! And, Melanie, you are such a snot... why must your 7 foot ass wear 4 in. heels all the geez. Rock that stature gal. Happy '09! Hope to see you this year. Love the luggage tag! I chose a passport to the world calender this year.


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